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Arma Server Monitor - Linux von Killswitch (v0.3) [Werkzeuge]
09.05.2015 von miller

Arma Server Monitor - Linux

Ein ArmA3 Linux Server Monitor.



Benötigte Addons:
Arma Server Monitor (ASM.pbo and ASM.ini)
A working Linux Arma 3 server.
The 32-bit runtime libraries for GNU clib and Gnome GLib 2.

Weitere Infos:


ArmA Server Monitor (ASM) was created by Fred41 to monitor Windows ArmA 2 or ArmA 3 game servers: Arma Server Monitor (very small but useful)

ASM for Linux is the same thing for Linux Arma 3 servers. It consists of
- a shared library, that is called from Arma 3.
- a small application, asm that runs as a service on the game server.

- ASM.pbo and ASM.ini from from Fred41's GitHub page
- A working Linux Arma 3 server.
- The 32-bit runtime libraries for GNU clib and Gnome GLib 2.

There are more detailed instructions here: Wiki - Arma Server Monitor for Linux

The quick start instructions are:
1. Download from Fred41's GitHub page and extract that to your Arma 3 server directory
2. Remove ASMdll.dll
3. Change the names of the files from to all-lowercase letters.
4. Download the binary release of ASM for Linux from here and extract that somewhere.
5. Copy asm and to your A3 server directory.
6. Move ("cd") into the A3 server directory and run the ASM service in the background:

./asm -s &>asm.out &

7. Start the A3 server with the @asm mod folder loaded. (Alternatively, you can put asm.pbo into the A3 addons folder)
8. From your Windows machine, connect the ArmaServerMonitor.exe GUI client to your A3 server.
9. Start Arma 3 and join the Linux A3 server. Start a mission.
10. Now observe the runtime stats of the Linux A3 server in the Windows GUI app.



- Show asmdll initialization in the Arma server log output:
2015/05/09, 9:08:08 "ASM.fsm started"
asmdll: reading settings from ./asm.ini
asmdll: extension loaded
asmdll: init successful, pid 20012, using slot 0

- Fixed: hung server-side instances would make the client receive garbage data.



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