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Mittwoch, 26. September 2018
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Burnes Armories - AAV-7A1 von Burnes15th (v1) [ [Kettenfahrzeuge]
31.08.2014 von miller

Burnes Armories - AAV-7A1

Das Addon enthält ein AAV-7A1 Assault Amphibious Vehicle .



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A project to provide 3rd Gen MBT's. Landing Craft, Recovery Vehicles and Bridge Layers with immersive interiors and realistic features to Arma 3.

The Idea behind this is to get something more immersive going on for armored vehicle crews. Something that falls between a full on simulator like Steel Beasts and the limitations of the Arma 3 engine. I plan on making each of the best 3rd Gen MBT's in this way (Challenger 2, LeClerc, T-90 ect) and also to provide logistics support such as landing craft and recovery vehicles.

The mod is currently in use with us at the 15th MEU but I will need to work on a version that isn't dependent on content from our modpack
and I am also in talks with other mod makers about providing the interior lods for their mods too. There is no planned timeline for these events yet but I will update as soon as i can.

The current version also has detailing features on some models (the desert A2 and AIM at present) such as sandbags and stowage items. I plan on implementing a service menu when near ammo trucks ect that will allow choice of ammunition (each shell is a single magazine) and choice of proxy objects (sandbags,backpacks,spare wheels ect)

With the exception of the Interior LODs all Abrams models are from the Bohemia ARMA 2 samples.
The LCAC model is based heavily on that released by Sgt Flyer for Arma 2
The interior lights is a script by Lala14 on Armaholic
Alot of the config work was helped by the unbinarized materials released by Reyhard
I would also like to thank Raid for help with the Phys X settings



This AAV is a port by WO Aaron(15th MEU(SOC) with additional features added by Burnes15th.

This is an initial release and as such may contain bugs or incomplete features. The AAV is
currently NOT amphibious. We are working on ways to overcome this but so fat while some do
*work* they are by no means user friendly.

This piece of software is supplied without warranty or any kind and By installing this addon
you accept that those involved in its creation are not liable or responsible for any damage,
loss or other misfortune you may encounter during its use.



- first release

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