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Freitag, 17. August 2018
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All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP) von kju (01.01.2015 Hotfix) [Module]
03.01.2015 von miller

All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP)

Das Modul ermöglicht alle beliebten ArmA Landschaften und Inseln (ArmA, ArmA2, Operation Arrowhead und DLC´s) von BIS in ArmA 3 zu verwenden


01.01.2015 Hotfix

Benötigte Addons:
Server keys (Optional)

Weitere Infos:


What is the 'All in Arma Terrain Pack

It allows you to use all your beloved Arma terrains by BI in Arma 3:
- Rahmadi
- Sahrani
- Southern Sahrani
- United Sahrani
- Porto
- Utes
- Chernarus
- Desert
- Takistan
- Zargabad
- Shapur
- Proving Grounds
- Bukovina
- Bystrica
- Takistan Mountains

Feature overview:
- All BI terrains from A1, A2, OA and its DLCs
- Allows the use of most community made terrains from A1/A2/OA in A3
- No waterline bug on most custom terrains (ponds are removed completely as BI has no solution)
- Makes it possible to port and play game modes/missions from previous Arma titles in A3
- New A3 tech lighting and street lamps
- Adjusted object penetration and impact effects
- Dust from infantry and vehicle movement
- Correctly falling walls
- More organic landscape textures for Chernarus with integration of LandTex by Picolly
- Fully MP compatible
- Working save games in SP
- Works with ZEUS
- No rpt errors and missing strings
- Signed version
- Lite version for improved performance and smaller download
- Extra standalone data only version and each terrain as separate download
- Fast and simple all-in-one download via torrent or mega/google drive or Play withSIX
- 7z compressed for smaller and thus quicker download

Credits and special thanks to
Karel Mořický
- Preview images in terrain selection for most BI terrains

Fabio_Chavez (screenshots, more screenshots, videos)
- Tweaked lighting
- Special Chernarus lighting

- Updated penetration definitions to A3 standards

Reyhard (from A2 Island Fixes)
- Vehicle dust
- Lights at night
- A3 penetration & particles effects
- Falling walls
- Railways & pavements have physx geometry
- Fixed powerwires strange collapse
- Added penetration materials to few buildings
- Fixed white tree bug on Bystrica
- Fixed indestructible gates

- Surface settings including friction
- Correct impacts for surfaces
Mix of A3 and A2 environment effects

- Preview images in terrain selection for the most BI A1 terrains

- More organic landscape textures for Chernarus with integration of LandTex



2015-01-01 Hotfix
- Added: A3 style grass in ACR terrains.
- Changed: set author to BI terrains.
- Changed: tweaked Utes' clutter.
- Changed: Summer Chernarus has now its own map preview.
- Fixed: crash in Chernarus/terrain with A2 structures due to faulty texture.
- Fixed: A1 terrain crashes due to map grid definitions.
- Fixed: EnvSounds for Takistan, Zargabad and Takistan (cut out).

- Changed: Change underwater water color back to default again and leave custom only for Chernarus.
- Changed: Improved Zeus compatibility (cfgGroups and cfgFactionClasses).
- Changed: Replace door icon with the A3 one.
- Fixed: Aliabad and Esbekistan still have screwed up the sky textures.
- Fixed: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgFactionClasses.GUE'.
- Fixed: disabled light reflectors n Land_Ind_Mlyn_02 as model seems to lack the definitions.

a3All in Arma Terrain Pack


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