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Field Expedient von Grumpy Rhino (15.08.14) [SP Mission]
15.08.2014 von miller

Field Expedient

In dieser Mission muss die feindliche Artillerie zerstört werden.


Grumpy Rhino


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Steam Workshop


In this mission you must destroy the enemy artillery, before it can fire.

To do this you will need to retrieve the radio frequency of the artillery from an AAF base, that has just been overrun by the FIA. Next you will have to use two FIA radio towers to get the location of the artillery. When you have found the artillery, you must decide how to take it out. You can call in a devastating Harpoon-strike, which will definitely destroy the artillery, but also kill any civilians nearby. Or you can destroy the artillery by hand(Titan AT or satchel charge).

Lastly you can choose between two extraction sites to extract from. The artillery and radio towers are placed randomly on some preset locations. The enemy patrols are also randomized, so you can not always predict where the enemy will be. This should make it a little different each time you play the mission.

Remember to choose your equipment in the inventory screen in the briefing, before you head out.

FIA are preparing to bombard Pyrgos, the AAF capital. AAF soldiers trying to stop the artillery, have all been slain. AAF have send a request for help to their ally USA. Aboard the USS Normandy, a squad of recon marines is preparing for a helo insertion.

Estimated playtime: 40 - 60 minutes.

This mission will be part of the Full Contact Safari campaign.



- first release

a3Grumpy Rhino

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