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Black Ops Co-08 von Zenophon (12.03.16) [Coop Mission Pack]
12.03.2016 von miller

Black Ops Co-08

Enthält drei Black Ops Co-08 Missionen für Altis, Chernarus und Takistan.

Multiplayer Coop



Benötigte Addons:
ArmA 3 Map Pack - A3MP (Optional)

Altis, Chernarus, Takistan

Entpacke das Archiv und kopiere die *.pbo Datei(en) in den Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions Ordner.

Weitere Infos:


An open-ended co-op mission featuring random objectives surrounded by enemy patrols. Uses heavy randomization of enemy patrols and dynamic and reactive AI for maximum replayability. Numerous mission parameters are provided for extensive customization of difficulty, weather, and other options. The mission can be played in SP or MP, local or dedicated and with or without AI teammates. The mission is fully JIP compatible and optimized for no performance impact on clients. There is no saving or respawn to promote realism; however, unused player slots can still be joined to continue playing.


Total randomization
- Completely randomized starting and objective locations, you could be fighting anywhere on Altis
- Completely randomized enemy patrols; their equipment, patrol routes, and starting positions are entirely random
- Nearly endless replayability and fun for fans of co-op infantry combat

Accessibility and customization
- No mods or addons required, all features are done purely through scripting
- Full JIP compatibility, for both enabled/disabled friendly AI, for players joining at any time
- Play the mission in either MP (local or dedicated) or SP with no differences or issues
- Numerous mission customization options in MP, including AI skill/strength, time, and dynamic weather
- Special settings for SP, fine tuning the difficulty for one human

AI improvements
- No respawning enemies, all patrols are there from the start
- AI can detect player gunfire at long range, even at night, and react realistically, without being psychic
- Realistically use diversions that the AI reacts to, then exploit the holes in AI patrol patterns
- Fix for ridiculous AI accuracy on dedicated servers, their skill will be the same as in SP or local MP

Teamwork and realism
- No saving in SP or MP, to promote teamwork and realism and punish players for their mistakes
- No respawn or revive system to promote realistic play; you can still pick a new player slot though
- Increased weapon lethality, 1-2 shot kills are now the norm

Tested and optimized
- Carefully optimized for minimal performance impact
- Server-oriented scripting so that clients have a perfectly smooth experience
- All functionality and features, including JIP, fully tested on a dedicated server with multiple players with and without AI

Misc features
- Easy repacking of magazines with an action, which takes a realistic amount of time
- Easily share magazines with teammates for their primary weapons, perfect for assistant MG soldiers

Most of this is done using my Co-op Mission Framework (see my signature) (shameless advertisement, I know).




- Fixed: AAA Site vehicle is no longer drivable
- Fixed: AAA Site vehicle now contains enough explosives to destroy it
- Improved: Various improvements and fixes included in my latest framework


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