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Dienstag, 17. Juli 2018
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Sukhoi-22M4, Soviet Attack Aircraft von teaCup (v1.1) [Flugzeuge]
17.12.2014 von miller

Sukhoi-22M4, Soviet Attack Aircraft

Das Addon enthält den sowjetischen Jagdbomber Sukhoi-22.



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I'm releasing my Su-22M4, not because it's nice and ready and spit-polished, but because i cannot spend another month on it right now. I've had it in the works for about 2 years, and put in many-many hundreds of hours - it started chipping away at my sanity. It's in a usable state i think, i hope players will enjoy it as it is, i will finish it up eventually. I had many features planned, and will get to them.

For those who haven't seen the preview topic, it's a low poly model, but with photo textures. One of the reasons why it took so long, is that i went and photographed the plane for hours on end, then stitched GigaBytes of photos together to form the diffuse textures. What you will see in the game are those master textures reduced to a fifth maybe, of their original resolution. The Su-22 is an ongoing hobby project of mine, if you have in depth information about it, good quality photos (specially the cockpit, hud, gunsight, TV system), maybe access to the plane itself, drop me a line. I could use a bit of help.

Credit for the sounds goes to BigPickle (aka Mr. Speed of Sound), and greets go out to RKSL-Rock for being nice and sending me some material he had.

You can find this in the editor under CSAT\Air.




- fixed texture bug on unmarked version
- fixed rocket sounds muted by official patch
- fixed brake chute skinning bug (there was one floating vertex)
- added flight stick/pedal animations in the cockpit
- added Polish and desert textures and markings
- replaced bombs with new ones

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