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Advanced Fierce Combat System von Dragon Zen (16.10.15) [SP Mission]
17.10.2015 von miller

Advanced Fierce Combat System


Dragon Zen


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Steam Workshop

Entpacke das Archiv und kopiere die *.pbo Datei(en) in den Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions Ordner.


Create your own fierce combat with all weapons, all units and various supports on any map!!! Advanced Fierce Combat System (AFCS, old name BlackHole, AdvancingPower, BreakThrough previously) generates fast-paced close combat as you wish. It searches out downloaded units and weapons, and inlays various supports like recons and artillery. From infantry CQB to Air Battle, you can define the battle with many options. As leader or soldier, as gunner or sniper, you can enjoy different roles in the battle. Rename the PBO file and you can play it on another map, and the time, place and size of battleground are all up to you,

In this mission, your emeny appear in front of you and friends come from behind. Battlefield will move with position of groups, so every meter is valuable.
With new AI script, AI teams will also call support and that make battle more crazy! You can set battlefield smaller (see "Flexible") to enjoy CQB!

Firstly, size of battleground, number of groups, time, weather, so many options let you make your own battle. Most of options can be change DURING the game by Radio 0-0-9!
Secondly, system will search exist weapons and vehicle automaticly, so that you can enjoy your downloaded Weapons and Vehicles in this mission! You can replace soldiers and vehicle for AI groups.

First, you can enjoy all kinds of weapons and vehicle. Call several support including Artillery, AH and Satellite...which make the battlefield more colorful.
Second, there are 3 SubMissions in this version, in which you can fly AH or Jet or be a sniper. Bullet camera is availiable for SubMissions.
Third, You can act as soldier and give leadership to AI. You can also switch position in Helicopter to enjoy the gunner.
Fourth, Rename the pbo file and you can play on another map, like, AFCS.Stratis.pbo.

Some supply such as Detection, Teleport and SmokeWall and so on, are not that realistic. And you will also get welfare if you lack of money or scores, and even cheat some money or points. All of these are designed for an enjoyful experience!



Advanced Fierce Combat System, SP version, by DragonZen

If you want to play this mission in another island, just rename the PBO file, like AFCS.Stratis.pbo.

You can find more information or send feedback on:
I recommend you to follow the steamworkshop thereby track the update better.




- soldiers will spawn at the position of player if player is in base.
- Satellite can reveal enemy for player group.
- Airdropbox reduce from 6P to 3P.
- Airdropbox can quick gear teammates.

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