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Freitag, 17. August 2018
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United States Air Force ( 2015) von sgt fuller (v0.5.3 Alpha) [Flugzeuge]
17.08.2015 von miller

United States Air Force ( 2015)

Das Pack enthält u.a. verschiedene United States Air Force Flugzeuge und Hubschrauber.

sgt fuller

0.5.3 Alpha

Benötigte Addons:
Community Base Addons A3

Weitere Infos:


Welcome everyone to the new and improved United States Air Force mod. This mod is a representation of the United States of America's Air Force. The United States Air Force (USAF) is the aerial warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven American uniformed services. Initially part of the United States Army, the USAF was formed as a separate branch of the military on 18 September 1947 under the National Security Act of 1947.It is the most recent branch of the U.S. military to be formed, and is the largest and one of the world's most technologically advanced air forces. The USAF articulates its core functions as Nuclear Deterrence Operations, Special Operations, Air Superiority, Global Integrated ISR, Space Superiority, Command and Control, Cyberspace Superiority, Personnel Recovery, Global Precision Attack, Building Partnerships, Rapid Global Mobility and Agile Combat Support.

Notes from the Author
This is a upgrade of last year's release. Our initial release in my opinion was plagued with bugs and errors. We have gone through this mod with a fine comb to obliterate all or atleast 98% of the issues. We are comfortable with a release of all of the assets in this mod and hope that it will be to the benefit of the community as well as we hope to see them in various online missions or used with Clans. I want to remind everyone that this mod is still very much in Alpha!!! moving into Beta!!

Aircraft Assets
- B-1 Bomber
- B-2 Spirit NEW!!!

- A-10C Warthog NEW!!!
- F-16C Fighting Falcon NEW!!!
- F/A-22 Raptor NEW!!!
- F-35A Joint Strike FIghter NEW!!!

- C-5 Galaxy
- C-17 Globemaster III
- CV-22 Osprey
- C-130J Super Hercules
- KC-135 StratoTanker
- MC-130J Commando II

- HH-60G PaveHawk
- HH-60 Rescue Hawk NEW!!!

Recon/Early Warning
- E-3 AWACS NEW!!!
- RQ-4A Global Hawk
- MQ-9 Reaper

Close Air Support
- AC-130U Gunship

- Air Force Special Operations (AFSOC)
- Department of the Air Force Officers
- 811th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron

- Aerial Refueling
- Nuclear Assets
- Service Menus
- Multiple Weapons
- New and Improved AC-130
- GPS/INS Systems for applicable Aircraft
- Improved Flight Models
- UAV Systems for Recon

Credits and Thank yous
- ARMA 3 game engine: Bohemia Interactive
- Project lead: SGT Fuller
- Project 2IC: Peral
- Models: SGT Fuller, Peral, Randomslap, Deltagamer, Mr.Ewok, John Spartan
- Textures: Shockley, Mr.Ewok, EricJ
- Configs: SGT Fuller, Peral, Kimi, RandomSlap, Deltagamer, John Spartan
- Scripts: Kimi, Lala, John Spartan, Peral, SGT Fuller
- Units: SP Craig and Shockley
- Muckep
- Apilion
- Foot Munch
- Frl Mike
- RavenDK
- Nes4day
- AtinAkiri
- Theebu
- Aduke and Team
- Dezkit
- Meatball0311
- Ohally
- Raid
- Teeha
- ACE Mod and team
- IRIS Simulations
- If i forgot you please PM me and you will be added to the credits

Brief Instructions for use:
1. Download the Mod
2. Open @USAF Folder
3. You will see Folders
4. Open Required Folder and drag the required stuff into the root of the folder. @USAF>>Addons
5. Open Folders and drag out all the pbos that you want to the root of the folder. @USAF >>Addons
6. So if you want everything pull out everything to the root.
7. ENJOY!!

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- F-16 Visual Bug Fixed
- A-10 Un able to aquire GPS targets fixed
- F-16 HARM now only fires towards Tigris(Anti-Air)
- F35A HARM now only fires towards Tigris (Anti-Air)
- E3 AWACS game crashing issues fixed

a3sgt fuller

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