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WARHUNT TvT von Firestorm_01, Kxam, CFG, Jack Freeman, [Stray] (v0.56.9) [MP Mission TvT]
27.09.2014 von miller


Multiplayer TvT

Firestorm_01, Kxam, CFG, Jack Freeman, [Stray]


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Warning! Designed to be played on maximum difficulty without extended map info!
AUTHORS: Firestorm_01, Kxam, CFG, Jack Freeman, [Stray]

«WAR for your survival»
As BLUFOR player you must reach Bunker on North East part of Altis and escape. You have limited equipment. And you are tracking by OPFOR. Every few minutes or less with random interval your almost exact position will be marked on map. So key to survival is constant moving and hiding. Take in mind that if you do not use vehicles then you have chance to be passed by scan.

You must find helicopter or boat to reach east part of Altis because of minefield. Next – find new car and drive to your escape base. You can’t fly directly ant target because of Air patrol zone. It may be good idea to drive to the guerilla camp to find good weapon and armored vehicles. If you lost your car- you can find new in the most of towns (look near churches). Do not forget about your engineer fellows – they can perform quick repair that can compensate lack of your driving skills. Anyway it will be long drive.

If you reach your target base then go to weapon depot first before bunker. You will be respawned with your current gear so prepare yourself to the next run.

Do not give up in any condition. You know it is not so easy task to track and down smart soldier in big forest or town even with map markers. Take in mind that enemy use lightly armored helicopters that is vulnerable to small arms and sniper rifles. Also some of your fellows have AT launchers. So hunter may become hunted if you want.

«HUNT for your glory»
As OPFOR you must stop BLUFOR players from escaping. You have access to any weapon in game (excluding FLIR equipment and Titan launchers) and to heavy armored vehicles and helicopters. Also you are tracking BLUFOR units position. So hunt them down. But do not forget- they still can outsmart you.

Take in mind that your helicopters don’t have any rockets. So you likely need to finish your target on foot.

At your airport you can refuel and rearm your vehicles. Use armory to prepare yourself. Do not forget about transport hook on helicopters. APC airdrop may be excellent advantage. But watch out. Enemy has snipers and AT soldiers. And also you can’t repair you vehicles in the fields. So one rocket can transform your armored vehicle into slow chunk of metal. And you know… there are rumors that elite snipers can even take down helicopter pilot on the fly. But it is rumors for sure. So relax. And good hunting.

- Asymmetrical gameplay kind of “Cops and Robbers”. One side run, other pursuit it;

- Designed to be played on highest difficulty and have anything necessary for this;

- Tracking system that marks one side on map but still give chance to escape;

- Different kind of gameplay: from high speed pursuits to careful infantry combat. One moment you drive car at high speed, trying to avoid helicopter miniguns, second you hide in the forest trying to reach empty helicopter to escape;

- Careful restrictions give even weaker side good chance to win. No FLIR. No heavy weapon on OPFOR helicopters, only miniguns, so you need to be experienced pilot to take down you target from air. OPFOR units can’t repair their vehicles on the field so any damage can significantly slow them down. Scanner that marks BLUFOR units on map have random scan interval and may not detect target in certain condition.

- Gameplay designed to be different for all sides but balanced;

- Armory, vehicle respawn, helicopter transportation and fastrope, repair pads, dynamic player map markers on any difficulty, protected spawns;

- Should be suitable for small team of friends and for bigger teams.




Fixed broken eject from helicopters. One of Arma updates broke it;
Updated VAS;
Replaced refuel/rearm script by Xeno with Service Station by Blitz. Xeno strongly don't want that I use his script. Possibly he even may try to find my home and kill my pets if I continue to use his refuel script. But I have no pets. So to prevent huge dissapointment I replaced his script with similar.

Fixed: Scoroes for injuring enemy adding multiple times per injury.
Replaced base weapon for BLUFOR to MXM (except snipers).

Now only OPFOR players drop smoke genade on death;
Added new Slammer variant to OPFOR from new patch.

Random weather script disabled for now. Looks like it has some bugs with weather change. Let's wait for updates;
Weather reverted to grim dark style.

Updated weather script.

Increased time before displaying first tooltip that explains what to do for new players.

Enabled random weather completely. Snow is slightly werid but it is ok;
Fixed: I removed my changes from weather script. So now it shoud work);
Added hints to explain new players what to do.

Added random weather (used randomWeather2 Script by Meatball). But snow is disabled;
Fixed: Hunters do not contains additional guns in cargo after respawn.

enableDebugConsole set to "1" from "2" to prevent access to debug console from all players;
Now briefingName contains mission version.

Added Hunters on BLUFOR spawn instead of Ifrit. It cargo contains BLUFOR ammunition so it will be much more helpful than Ifrit;
Hunter cargo on BLUFOR side contains MX with GL and light machinegun;
BLUFOR ammo carrier replaced with machinegunner;
Fixed: BLUFOR players can pass minefield between parts of Altis. Inceased minefield range to prevent that;
Fixed (possibly): in certain conditions player may get multiple "Eject" menu items.

Additional debuff for BLUFOR side;
Removed scopes for all BLUFOR units except snipers;
BLUFOR spotters changed to ammo carriers becuase spotter has good sight.

Fixed version number.

Removed BLUFOR playable BLUFOR unit near escape point that was used for testing.

- Fixed scoring system and message broadcasting then BLUFOR players reaches escape bunker.

- Added GPS for all BLUFOR units;
- Now mission time fixed between 18:00 and 18:30. Added more lightning. It should increase immersion;
- Decreased chance for scanner to not detect infantry from 35% to 30% (yes, again);
- Removed Hammerbirds from OPFOR (no one use it anyway). CH49 much more capable for trasportation;
- Escape choppers from Kavala moved on rofftops. And also added some.
- Fixed: Eject was avilible on foot in certain conditions;
- Fixed (possibly): Unconscious players can see neutral vehicles on map;
- Removed some abandoned vehicles;
- Tweaked positions of some protection zones and markers.

- Added "Eject" with parachute from any Air vehicle (Parachute [BETA] by Ninja970&Y). Minimum height is 50m;
- Added ability to paradrop lifted vehicle from Patrol Ops. Just release vehicle on 100m or higher;
- Removed ability to set user waypoints by Shift+Click. It was way too efective in airstrikes;
- Some BLUFOR snipers replaced by Spotters;
- BLUFOR mechanics replaced by engineers;
- All OPFOR units are now explosive specialists;
- Fixed spelling in some map markers. Again.

- Just fixed spelling in version number.

- Fixed spelling on guerilla camp markers. Gueriila camp dedly for OPFOR units. Not BLUFOR.

- Map for injured units (who waiting for revive) now disabled;
- Increased chance for scanner to not detect infantry from 30% to 35%;
- Scan interval set to 100 +- 50 seconds.

- Fixed respawn.

- Added workaround to Vehicle respawn script to protect lifted vehicles from respawn as abandoned;
- Removed Generic Vehicle Servis. Is has some werid sound bug (sounds played for all players on server). Instead used Vehicle Rearm Script by Xeno;
- Removed almost all AI units to reduce server load. It is TvT after all. Anyway AI existed only for atmospheric.

- Most of the CH49 for blufor replaced by Hammerbirds;
- Paradrop for OPFOR removed again. Instead there is another way to enchance mobility of OPFOR (look below);
- Pawnee now has trasport ability like Hammerbird. So lone hunter can impove his mobility by simply hooking quad bike on his Pawnee;
- Now scanner should correctly recognize and set name of marker if OPFOR units on APCs or boats.

- Fixed: Some pawnees respawn with DAR rockets.

- Added Farooq's Revive;
- Enabled paradrop for OPFOR. Minimum height: 3500 m so OPFOR paradrop will not be fast;
- Reduced chance for scanner to not detect infantry from 40% to 30%;
- Repair zones on OPFOR base moved a little.

- Added demolition experts to OPFOR:
- Removed some vehicles.

- Thanks to "this" fixed bug with not working scanner on dedicated server;
- One more abandoned tank removed from map.

- Possibly fixed bug on dedicated server;
- Restored initial scanner settings.

- Removed chance to not detect infantry on foot for balance testing purposes;
- Reduced scan interval for 60 +- 20 seconds:
- Fixed typo in mission task.

-Now server messages should correctly broadcast to all players.

-Removed abandoned tank. Fixed position of one helicopter. Changed way of message informing from unit to game logic
-Gamemode changed on TDM. It is closer to real mission type.
-One jeep on spawn moved a little.

a3Jack Freeman


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