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Sonntag, 18. November 2018
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Vdebug (Mod) von DjOtacon (v1.1) [Editing Tools] Info
Vdebug (Mod) von DjOtacon  (v1.1) [Editing Tools]
Vdebug (Mod) Info: Ein Debugging Tool für ArmA3 Missioen. Das Tool fügt für die Missions-Entwicklung Debug-Aktionen dem Spieler-Menü hinzu. Autor: DjOtacon Version: 1.1 Benötigte Addons: Keine Weitere Infos: BIS-Forum Zitat This is a tool for debugging missions in Arma 3. This script add actions to the player menu to help develop missions.. VDEBUG: Enable the vdebug functions - Teleport: make a teleport of the vehicle using the map. - Captive: Makes the player and the vehicle "captive" to the enemy. - Damage: Disable damage for the vehicle and play...
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Datum 27.12.2014
Downloads 1337
Bewertung 8,00
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Vehicle Training Wheels von Fred Gandt (v2.0.0.0) [Editing Tools] Info
Vehicle Training Wheels von Fred Gandt (v2.0.0.0) [Editing Tools]
Vehicle Training Wheels Autor: Fred Gandt Version: Benötigte Addons: Keine Zitat An improved script to add to your player character's initialisation in the editor mode, to make learning to pilot vehicles (particularly helicopters (particularly landing)) a little easier. It won't make the job of piloting any easier, but it will make your player character invincible (crash and explode without dying!), and your vehicle will bounce back to full health immediately after sustaining all but the heaviest of damage (instant full damage cannot be repaired). So, yo...
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Datum 16.03.2014
Downloads 842
Bewertung 2,00
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