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Dienstag, 25. September 2018
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TOH - Static Civilian Ships von Lexx (19.07.16) [Objekte) Info
TOH - Static Civilian Ships von Lexx (19.07.16) [Objekte)
TOH - Static Civilian Ships Info: Das Addon enthält verschiedene Frachtschiff-Varianten (portiert aus Take on Helicopters ) als statische Objekte. Autor: Lexx Version: 19.07.16 Benötigte Addons: Keine Weitere Infos: BIS-Forum Steam Workshop Foren Zitat This mod adds various cargo ship variants (ported over from Take on Helicopters) to the game. They are *static* and *only* useful as background decoration. You *can not* walk on them, and the ships should never be placed in front of a players face, as they are lacking details and look plain ugl...
Grösse 37,0 MB
Datum 19.07.2016
Downloads 976
Bewertung 7,00
[Details]   [Download]
T-10 Static Line Parachute von Ohally (v0.1 Alpha) [Objekte] Info
T-10 Static Line Parachute von Ohally (v0.1 Alpha) [Objekte]
T-10 Static Line Parachute Info: Das Addon enthält T-10 Fallschirme. Autor: Ohally Version: 0.1 Alpha Benötigte Addons: Keine Weitere Infos: BIS-Forum Zitat The idea here is to fill a void my unit (1CPB) was missing, that is the ability to perform mass parachute insertions using a static line chute. This feature was done very well in ACE and we hope to bring similar features to A3 in this stand alone addon. Features: - 5th Point of Flight Procedure crew animation 100% THANK YOU theebu! - Sounds (deploy, fall, crash, land) 100% - Jump Out 100% (...
Grösse 10,0 MB
Datum 13.11.2014
Downloads 661
Bewertung 2,00
[Details]   [Download]
Tactical Beard von iNTERBRED (v3.0) [Objekte] Info
Tactical Beard von iNTERBRED (v3.0) [Objekte]
Tactical Beard Autor: iNTERBRED Version: 3.0 Benötigte Addons: Keine Zitat The perfect edition for when your out on an err.. a holiday. This beard comes with multiple features including an automatic retraction system for when you go near water, this is to avoid the water disappearing in fear. Side effects may include, loss in enemy moral, inability to shave, removes the need for a weapon. Readme: Keine Changelog: Zitat v3.0 - Added Tactical Mutton Chops - Added Tactical Moustache - Added Tactical Chinless Beard (Captain Price style) - Remove...
Grösse 2,3 MB
Datum 15.09.2014
Downloads 720
Bewertung 4,00
[Details]   [Download]
The Army Combat Uniform Mod von RichardsD (v1.1) [Objekte] Info
The Army Combat Uniform Mod von RichardsD (v1.1) [Objekte]
The Army Combat Uniform Mod Info: Das Addon enthält Army Combat Uniform, Westen, Kopfbedeckungen einschließlich Verbesserungen. Autor: RichardsD Version: 1.1 Benötigte Addons: Keine Weitere Infos: BIS-Forum Zitat I am very pleased to announce I project I have been working on for many weeks now, porting many Arma 2 models and modifying them to create the Army Combat Uniform mod. This mod includes all aspects of the Army Combat Uniform, including the Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV), all headgear and uniforms. I made this mod as a response to...
Grösse 68,4 MB
Datum 29.04.2014
Downloads 642
Bewertung 9,00
[Details]   [Download]
THM Beanie von ltsThomas (v1.1) [Objekte] Info
THM Beanie von ltsThomas (v1.1) [Objekte]
THM Beanie Info: Das Addon enthält eine Mütze in 2 Farben (Schwarz / Grau). Autor: ltsThomas Version: 1.1 Benötigte Addons: Keine Zitat This mod adds a beanie in 2 colors (Black/Grey). It's the first model I've ever made, configured and released by myself. therefore, it will not be perfect! Readme: Keine Changelog: Zitat v1.1 - Beanie can now be put in backpack. (fixed something in the config) Enthaltene Dateien: thm_beanie.pbo Tags a3ltsThomas...
Grösse 2,5 MB
Datum 26.01.2014
Downloads 582
Bewertung 4,00
[Details]   [Download]
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