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Donnerstag, 20. September 2018
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Retexture Templates von DreamRebel (v1.3) [Templates] Info
Retexture Templates von DreamRebel (v1.3) [Templates]
Retexture Templates Info: Das Addon enthält .psd Template Dateien für verschiedene Fahrzeuge: A-143 Buzzard, CH-49 Mohawk, MBT-52 Kuma, PO-30 Orca, Zamak, F-15/C Eagle, MK-82, Slammer UP, Su-35S Flanker E, UAV. Autor: DreamRebel Version: 1.3 Benötigte Addons: Keine Weitere Infos: BIS-Forum Zitat Recently I've made some templates to make it easier to create retextures. With these templates you'll be able to maintain a certain quality standard and save a lot off time. I hope everyone will enjoy them. Templates ready: A-143 Buzzard, CH-49 Mohawk, MBT-52...
Grösse 48,3 MB
Datum 23.07.2015
Downloads 1307
Bewertung 7,00
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Runways, Runway lines and lights for Wardak Airport von Donbass (v0.1a) [Templates] Info
Runways, Runway lines and lights for Wardak Airport von Donbass (v0.1a) [Templates]
Runways, Runway lines and lights for Wardak Airport Info: Die Vorlage enthält neue Start- und Landebahnen für Wardak Airport Autor: Donbass Version: 0.1a Benötigte Addons: Stars Editing Suite Southern Wardak Province, Afghanistan JBAD Buildings ArmA 2 US Helicopters Import Zitat I remade the FOB Eagle runway on the Wardak island so I hope you will like it. I made new runway, because there was just a road and it didn´t look beautifull. Next thing I made are runway lines and heliport lights. Features: - New runway design - New runway lines - New helipad ...
Grösse 17,6 KB
Datum 07.06.2015
Downloads 831
Bewertung 4,00
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Re-textured "Hunter" (OPFOR) von Tomb (v1.01) [Template] Info
Re-textured "Hunter" (OPFOR) von Tomb (v1.01) [Template]
Re-textured "Hunter" (OPFOR) Info: Das Addon enthält ein Retextur Hunter (OPFOR), keine Pbo Dateien also kein normales Addon, sondern zwei Texturen zur Verwendung in Missionen. Enthalten ist eine Installationsanleitung. Autor: Tomb Version: 1.01 Benötigte Addons: Keine Zitat This is a retextured Hunter (OPFOR), its just two textures, not a .pbo addon. Included is a quick and easy installation guide. The camo scheme is somewhat close to the default mcamo, though a bit more brown and less yellow. It blends in fine with the BIS nature. Installation: To use ...
Grösse 1,7 MB
Datum 27.04.2014
Downloads 572
Bewertung 8,00
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Rifle Platoon Resource von oi8124u (v1.4a) [Templates] Info
Rifle Platoon Resource von oi8124u (v1.4a) [Templates]
Rifle Platoon Resource Info: Das Template enthält Rifle Platoon Missionsvorlagen. Autor: oi8124u Version: 1.4a Benötigte Addons: Keine Zitat A simple resource for mission makers that contains a pre-made Rifle Platoon (by USMC standards). All units have names, filled description fields, and have been pre-organized into squads and teams for your convenience. I've added multiple support teams to this as well (not part of the platoon). A Rifle Platoon consist of three squads of thirteen men [three teams of four and a Squad Leader (E-5 Sgt)], one/two corpsmen, ...
Grösse 16,1 KB
Datum 02.03.2014
Downloads 571
Bewertung 4,00
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