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Montag, 24. September 2018
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Kunduz bases von DonbassCZ (v1.0) [Templates] Info
Kunduz bases von DonbassCZ (v1.0) [Templates]
Kunduz bases Info: Das Template enthält einen Kunduz FOB mit 2 Aussenposten. Autor: Donbass Version: 1.0 Benötigte Addons: Kunduz, Afghanistan Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete Community Base Addons A3 CJTF101 Editor OPXBuildings and OPXmisc ARP2 Objects Weitere Infos: BIS-Forum Zitat Story: After completing the work which related to building and fortifying bases in Takistan we moved to Kunduz province in the northern part of Afghanistan. We have been called by the local command to build a new bases and some outposts that should improve th...
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Datum 17.04.2016
Downloads 984
Bewertung 1,00
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Kamp Holland von Syncie (v1.1) [Templates] Info
Kamp Holland von Syncie (v1.1) [Templates]
Kamp Holland Autor: Syncie Version: 1.1 Benötigte Addons: Dutch MARSOF Units (Optional) Weitere Infos: BIS-Forum Zitat I made Kamp Holland for a mission i am building. I thought maybe it's nice to share for other mission creators/builders. From this base you can maybe build your own missions. It's compound build around a airstrip on Altis, so the start is not from the main airfield. It has no heavy armor (except one piece artillery) but ofcourse you can place your own vehicles/units if you like. - You need the Dutch Marsof Units Addon (Maritime Special Oper...
Grösse 1,9 MB
Datum 15.12.2013
Downloads 640
Bewertung 2,00
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