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Donnerstag, 20. September 2018
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Do-It-Yourself Addon Templates von WalkingTerror (v1.0) [Templates] Info
Do-It-Yourself Addon Templates von WalkingTerror (v1.0) [Templates]
Do-It-Yourself Addon Templates Info: Das Pack enthält eine Reihe von Vorlagen (Insgesamt 11): Waffenkisten, Flugzeuge Retexturieren, Faktionen, Einheiten Ausrüstung usw. Autor: WalkingTerror Version: 1.0 Benötigte Addons: Keine Zitat This series of templates was designed with the beginning author in mind, or just anyone struggling to find that one example hidden within the BI Forums. Included within this library are templates for the following addons: - Ammobox - Aircraft Retextures - Factions - Unit Gear - Various File Templates (ie: Mod.cpp etc.) ...
Grösse 34,5 MB
Datum 13.04.2015
Downloads 654
Bewertung 6,00
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DEVGRU Hangar-Template von syncie (v1.1) [Template] Info
DEVGRU Hangar-Template von syncie (v1.1) [Template]
DEVGRU Hangar-Template Info: Eine DEVGRU Hangar Missionsvorlage auf Altis für eigene Missionen. Autor: syncie Version: 1.1 Benötigte Addons: ARP2 Objects NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons USSOCOM 75th Ranger and Navy SEALs DEVGRU Weitere Infos: BIS-Forum Zitat For some missions i am creating I build a DEVGRU Hangar. Just to have something where we can start from. I like to share it because maybe others like to use it too. Watch your Step: 1. On some items I used the setpostion in the init Field so when you rotate the hangar (and everything that...
Grösse 1,5 MB
Datum 30.09.2014
Downloads 744
Bewertung 5,00
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Detainee Camp Template von R3con Nine (v0) [Templates] Info
Detainee Camp Template von  R3con Nine (v0) [Templates]
Detainee Camp Template Info: Die Missionsvorlage enthält ein kleines bewachtes Gefangenenlager. Autor: R3con Nine Version: 0 Benötigte Addons: Keine Zitat This is a small Detainee camp holding captives, with a living space and work space and wide open area for transport trucks to drop off more detainees, guarded by four OPs and a camp HQ Installation: Extract the content in your "my documents/arma 3 profile/mission" folder. Notes: You can use this template as you wish, if used please give me credit. hope you enjoy Future plans: - added more detail ...
Grösse 4,6 KB
Datum 19.08.2014
Downloads 706
Bewertung 1,00
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Dynamic Settings UI von Goschie (v0.9.2 Beta) [Skripte] Info
Dynamic Settings UI von Goschie (v0.9.2 Beta) [Skripte]
Dynamic Settings UI Info: The Dynamic Settings UI ist ein In-game settings UI als Skriptmodul/Template (Vorlage), zum Erstellem von Vanilla-Mission. Autor: Goschie Version: 0.9.2 Beta Benötigte Addons: Keine Weitere Infos: BIS-Forum Zitat I released a useful in-game settings UI for mission makers. Comes as a script module/template so you can customize your settings without including another addon. Readme: Zitat INSTALL: 1. Locate where your mission folders are stored 2. For Arma 3, put this in your missions init.sqf file (or anywhere tha...
Grösse 14,4 KB
Datum 17.07.2014
Downloads 610
Bewertung 1,00
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