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Montag, 19. November 2018
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ASCZ CAF AG Replacement Config von EvroMalarkey (v1.1) [Replacement] Info
ASCZ CAF AG Replacement Config von EvroMalarkey (v1.1) [Replacement]
ASCZ CAF AG Replacement Config Info: Das Addon enthält Replacement Configs für CAF Aggressors. Autor: EvroMalarkey Version: 1.1 Benötigte Addons: RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation Aggressors Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack RDS East Static Weapons Pack RDS East Tank Pack Chernarussian Defence Forces A3 - CDF_A3 HLC AK Pack ASDG Joint Rails HLC_Core Weitere Infos: BIS-Forum Zitat Description: This is a replacement config for CAF_AG which our community uses for a...
Grösse 6,7 MB
Datum 18.02.2015
Downloads 1276
Bewertung 3,00
[Details]   [Download]
AAF Desert Replacement von MyCatSaid (v3.0) [Replacement] Info
AAF Desert Replacement von MyCatSaid (v3.0) [Replacement]
AAF Desert Replacement Info: Die AAF Desert Einheiten erstzten die grünen AAF Einheiten im Spiel. Author: MyCatSaid Version: v3.0 Benötigte Addons: AAF Desert Weitere Infos: BIS-Forum Weitere Bilder unter: Zitat This will replace the standard green AAF units with the AAF desert units. You can add this replacement pack and both OPFOR and BLUFOR packs (included in the required addon) at the same time. Readme: Zitat AAF Desert Replacement Version 3.0 26/01/2015
Grösse 126,3 KB
Datum 26.01.2014
Downloads 1355
Bewertung 3,00
[Details]   [Download]
Seiten (1): (1) 2 Downloads
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