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Dienstag, 18. September 2018
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3rdView Restrictions von Rodeostar42 (v2.1) [Skripte] Info
3rdView Restrictions von Rodeostar42 (v2.1) [Skripte]
3rdView Restrictions Info: Dieses Script begrenzt die dritte Person-Ansicht unter bestimmten Bedingungen. Autor: Rodeostar42 Version: 2.1 Benötigte Addons: Keine Zitat This Script limits the 3rd person view under certain conditions. Features: This Script limits the 3rd person view under certain conditions. Setup can Infantry, Landvehicles, Plane, Helicopter, Ship(Submarine) individually. Limit at a moving speed Plane and Ship(Submarine) and Landvehicles and Infantry. Helicopter limits at an altitude Credits & thanks: Special thanks!! Buzzrock69 Read...
Grösse 802,0 B
Datum 25.04.2016
Downloads 865
Bewertung 9,00
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3D Markers von BrotherhoodOfHam (v1.0) [Skripte] Info
3D Markers von  BrotherhoodOfHam (v1.0) [Skripte]
3D Markers Info: Ein Skript, dass 3D-Kartenmarkierungen im Spiel on fly erstellt. Autor: BrotherhoodOfHam Version: 1.0 Benötigte Addons: Keine Zitat This is a small lightweight script that allows users to create 3D map markers in game on the fly. What this script essentially does, is it takes the regular 2D map markers you can create in game, and then creates a 3D counterpart at the same time. In MP, the 3D markers correspond to the radio channel selected. This script also allows for the function to be toggled on and off very easily by pressing the Y key, w...
Grösse 9,0 KB
Datum 08.08.2014
Downloads 631
Bewertung 7,00
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2RGT JIP Teleport von (v0.5) [Skripte] Info
2RGT JIP Teleport von (v0.5) [Skripte]
2RGT JIP Teleport Info: Ein einfaches Teleport Skript für MP Missionen. Autor: Harlock Version: 0.5 Benötigte Addons: Keine Zitat Description: A very simple teleport script for Join in progress MP missions. Features: Player can teleport to his squad/allies by pressing F11 key Work on Server in MP mode Installation: Copy folder inside a compressed file in your mission folder. Add in the init.sqf: execVM "i_2RGT_jip\init_jip.sqf"; Readme: Keine Tags a3Harlock...
Grösse 1,6 KB
Datum 06.11.2013
Downloads 557
Bewertung 5,00
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