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Dienstag, 14. August 2018
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Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) vom ACE Team (v3.10.2) (veröffentlicht am 18.07.2017 - 22:30)
Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) vom ACE Team (v3.10.2) ***** Update ***** ACEMod veröffentlichte sein Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) in den Bi-Foren. Diese Modifikation ist ein Zusammenschluss der ehemaligen AGM und CSE-Teams in Zusammenarbeit mit einigen Entwicklern des ACE2-Projekts aus ArmA2. Zitat 3.10.2 Requires CBA Version 3.3.1 or later and Arma 3 Version 1.72 or later. This patch fixes a number of bugs from previous ACE3 release and the latest Arma 3 updates, brings smaller enhancements as well as full Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional translations incorporated from previously standalone mod! If you're looking to chat with us be sure to join our public Slack group! Change Log Summary ADDED: Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplifi...
Advanced Train Simulator (ATS) von duda123 (v1.3) (veröffentlicht am 15.05.2017 - 10:00)
Advanced Train Simulator (ATS) von duda123 (v1.3) ***** Update ***** duda123 veröffentlichte sein Advanced Train Simulator (ATS) Addon in den Bi-Foren. Zitat Changelog: v1.3 - Added train sounds (plus steam engine sounds!) New Controls: - Horn: H (Hold H for longer horn) - Bells: G (Hold G for longer bells) - Turn off engine: E (Turns off engine idle sounds while train is not moving) - Added first person views to all trains (press numpad-enter or zoom in with mouse wheel) - Updated player position to follow train - Improved train attachment simulation (so they don't clip into each other while attaching) - Updated CfgRemoteExec rules with new function (see description) Want more train models? We are taking donations to help fund future develo...
ACEX vom ACE Team (v3.1.1) (veröffentlicht am 19.10.2016 - 19:15)
ACEX vom ACE Team (v3.1.1) ***** Update ***** acemod veröffentlichte sein ACEX Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält Erweiterungs-Pack für den ACE-Mod. Zitat ACEX is an extra package to compliment the ACE3 modification for Arma 3. It contains additional components on top of the ACE3 modification that provide extra functionality and is entirely optional. The mod is built modularly, so almost any included PBO can be easily removed from the configuration. This way, a team can maintain its own tailored version of ACEX by simply excluding any components they don't need, or those possibly in conflict with other mods. Modules themselves, e.g. the medical system, also include various customization options, allowing mission designers to tweak the overall experience. C...
ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment (v1.1.1.1607191) (veröffentlicht am 19.07.2016 - 14:00)
ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment (v1.1.1.1607191) ***** Update ***** ALiVEmod veröffentlichte sein ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das The Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment (ALiVE) soll ein Modulares Mission Framework enthalten, für realistische militärische Operationen in fast jedem Szenario. Zitat The next generation dynamic persistent mission addon for ArmA3 Release 1.1.1 Release Highlights - Added example APEX Getting Started mission - Fixes & Enhancements to Sling Loading - Fixed civ spawns on Tanoa (and other maps) - Added support for mission specific compositions - Gendarmarie faction mapped so it works with ALiVE - Aircraft will no longer spawn inside contro...
African Conflict von massi (v1.5) (veröffentlicht am 04.05.2016 - 11:30)
African Conflict von massi (v1.5) ***** Update ***** massi veröffentlichte sein African Conflict Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält mehrere fiktive afrikanische Fraktionen für jede Seite mit entsprechenden retexturierten fiktiven afrikanischen A3 Einheiten und Fahrzeugen. Zitat Changelog: v1.5 - Improved uniforms, backpack and vest models - Improved units loadout - Added functionary and doctor units Description This addon adds several units, vehicles, groups, headgear, equipment, uniforms, weapons, backpacks in order to represent several fictional African factions for each side as follow: BLUFOR >> UN SECURITY FORCES: - UN FORCES: UN soldiers in woodland and UN headsets - UN SF ADVISORS: UN Special forces units advising the governatives...
Arma III Fishing von Max75 (v1.54) (veröffentlicht am 22.12.2015 - 19:51)
Arma III Fishing von Max75 (v1.54) Max75 veröffentlichte sein Arma III Fishing Addon in den Bi-Foren. Ein Angel Mod. für ArmA3. Zitat Changelog: v1.54 - adapted for Arma 3 v 1.54 - mod transformed into a campaign format - added: training mission - fishing on a spinning and fishing from the boat is realized - added: saltwater fish, spoons, spinnings, new baits Fishing mod for Arma 3. The basic principles and ideas are taken from RF3 and partially from AF2. Requirements: @allinarmaterrainpack, @cba_a3. FEATURES There is the marine fauna of north region of Black Sea (125 fish species) represented in the mod now. All fish, presented in mod, corresponds to the real prototypes what dwelling in this region. Habits of fish, depth of dwelling and preferable baits are ...
Armed Forces Of Pakistan von Kuzuri & Zayden (v0.1a) (veröffentlicht am 20.10.2015 - 23:40)
Armed Forces Of Pakistan von Kuzuri & Zayden (v0.1a) Kuzuri & Zayden veröffentlichten ihr Armed Forces Of Pakistan Addon. Das Addon soll die Streitkräfte Pakistans dartstellen, Einheiten, eigene Fraktion etc. Zitat This mod adds the Armed Forces of Pakistan as a playable faction, added under the "INDEPENDENT" side keeping in view the demand for it to be BLUFOR and OPFOR. This mod will focus on adding assets already in possession of the AFP, adding future projects at a minimum. The mod is being designed for the 13th Cdo Bn, SSG, a Pakistani Arma 3 milsim unit. Download: Armed Forces Of Pakistan Benötigt: Community Base Addons A3 HLC AK Pack HLC G3 ASDG Joint Rails HLC_Core ...
ArmA 3 Hunting Mod von Stoasha_Madjic (v0.01) (veröffentlicht am 06.08.2015 - 23:00)
ArmA 3 Hunting Mod von Stoasha_Madjic (v0.01) Stoasha_Madjic veröffentlichte sein ArmA 3 Hunting Mod. Zitat A new project in the works. There's a playable and mostly bug free version out already. Features: - RPG and role play like singleplayer gameplay style, progress can be saved to continue at a later point. - Mod put together from stuff found on Armaholic - Hunger, thirst, sleepiness, and means to fight them. - Engage in bushcrafting and hunting using an extensive arsenal of (old, new and modded) tools, weapons and items. - Fully functional and customizable bows and arrows. - Extra animals to hunt. - Earn money through various means, and spend this improving your hunting equipment. - Slow paced but challenging gameplay, and enjoyable experience for all. ...
Australian Defence Force Uncut vom The ADF Uncut Team (v0.5.1) (veröffentlicht am 02.08.2015 - 23:00)
Australian Defence Force Uncut vom The ADF Uncut Team (v0.5.1) ***** Update ***** Sbats veröffentlichte sein ADF UNCUT Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon Australian Defense Force Uncut soll die australischen Streitkräfte darstellen. Zitat Australian Defense Force (ADF) Uncut is an ongoing project aimed at re-creating as authentically as possible the uniforms, vehicles and weapons pertinent to the ADF. We are directly supported by Day0, an Australian gaming community that provide us a home and host our official ADF Uncut Arma 3 servers. Changelog: v0.5.1 - Fixed CBA Keybind - Added Optional Config (@asdg_jr support) Download: ADF UNCUT Benötigt: Community Base Addons A3 Quelle: Bi-Foren...
ARMSCor Mod von PetraCephas (v1.1.2) (veröffentlicht am 07.06.2015 - 18:00)
ARMSCor Mod von PetraCephas (v1.1.2) ***** Update ***** PetraCephas veröffentlichte sein ARMSCor Mod Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält Einheiten mit Südafrikanisch militärischer Ausrüstung. Zitat ARMSCor is a ARMA 3 mod that include Southern African military equipment, both locally developed and license build from 1966 to 2035. This has been a labour of love for a very long time and will be for a long time to come. This is only the beginning, so make sure to check out the "WorkInProgress" folder to see what we are currently working on. We have lots more to come. Extras In the extras folder you will find additional factions. Where South African weapons, vehicles or aircraft is also in use by other countries, I have included skinned versions of them on req...
AAF Desert von MyCatSaid (v3.0) (veröffentlicht am 26.01.2015 - 21:00)
AAF Desert von MyCatSaid (v3.0) ***** Update ***** MyCatSaid veröffentlichte sein AAF Desert Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält ein Wüsten AAF Retexture-Pack für AAF Einheiten, Waffen und Fahrzeuge. Zitat Desert AAF retexture pack for AAF units, weapons, and vehicles. Comes with separate uniforms, helmets, vests and backpack classes. Replacement pack included to replace standard AAF into Desert AAF. Desert AAF are Independent by default but can also be added to both BLUFOR and OPFOR by using the optional addons. This will replace the standard green AAF units with the AAF desert units. You can add this replacement pack and both OPFOR and BLUFOR packs (included in the required addon) at the same time. Changelog: v3.0 - Folder order changed to match...
ASCZ AiA TP Extensions and Fixes von EvroMalarkey (v1.0) (veröffentlicht am 26.01.2015 - 14:54)
ASCZ AiA TP Extensions and Fixes von EvroMalarkey (v1.0) EvroMalarkey veröffentlichte sein ASCZ AiA TP Extensions and Fixes Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält Verbesserungen für die AiA TP Module (A3 Intros von Altis und Stratis, Zeus Kompatibilität für alle A2-Objekte, Musik aus A2, OA und den DLCs (Zeus-kompatibel)) Zitat Description: I've decided to share some config fixes for AiA TP. I've made it mainly for CTD fixes and minor improvements for our community, before these things were added into AiA TP. Most of the stuff is already in AiA TP now, but because AiA TP will not be updated any time soon, I will release this mod so AiA TP can be slightly maintained. The latest AiA TP release with the hotfix is stable, without any game breaking problems. But if there wou...
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