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Dagger Scopes, Weapons, Ammunition and Gear von QuickDagger (v0.5)
20.09.2017 - 23:05

Dagger Scopes, Weapons, Ammunition and Gear von QuickDagger (v0.5)

***** Update *****

QuickDagger veröffentlichte sein Dagger Scopes, Weapons, Ammunition and Gear Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält Waffen, neue Ballistik neue Visiere.


Dagger mod offers real life ballistics and reticles to Arma 3 players. It can be used on serious simulations of range estimation and bullet drop. Players can use real life balistics computers to play Arma 3 using Dagger ammo and rifles. The new gear introduces civilian hunting camo as well as fieldcraft painted camo patterns. Read the manuals for bullet's BC's.


- Added more rifle nets.
- Updated many bullet lengths, weights and BC's.
- Recalculated all muzzle velocities to match SAAMI standards. Now you can realisticaly compare performance of ammo. Many ammo manufactures were exagerating on their muzzle velocities, and many public domain sources were also providing muzzle velocities without informing the equivalent barrel lenghts, leaving too much gess work to modders.
- Penetration and damage values may have slightly changed as a reflex of the above changes.
- All ammo have exactly the same TOF - Time Of Flight as the Applied Ballistics software (from muzzle to the start of the transonic speed).
- Changed scope height + rail heigth = 2.6", so that bore heigth be exactly the same of ACE's range table.
- Muzzle velocities calculated from 16" to 30" barrels. So, every rifle in between will have proportional muzzle velocities. It means that:
1) Short barreled rifles will cause less damage, just like real life.
2) The mod is automatically compatible to any other ACE compatible mod. People just need to make those mod's weapons use this mod's magazines.

Quelle: Bi-Foren


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