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Chernobyl Zone Dark Theme von ArmanIII (v0.47 Update)
18.06.2017 - 12:15

Chernobyl Zone Dark Theme von ArmanIII (v0.47 Update)

***** Update *****

ArmanIII veröffentlichte sein Chernobyl Zone Dark Theme Addon auf seiner Seite. Das Addon enthält eine Chernobyl Zone Landschaft, 20x20km groß als Dark Theme.
Danke an Maui für die Info in unseren ArmA2Base-Foren


The Chernobyl Zone works with Arma 2 or Arma 3. Abandoned place in northern Ukraine. Chernobyl Zone is abandoned area northern of ukraine city Kiev. Size of map is 20x20km.

v0.47 Update
- Dark addon can be now loaded without changing original map.

- Added new grass texture
- Added dead trees to Red forest
- Added foot sounds to buildings
- Added wastewater treatment plant
- Added "Yanivsky" bridge over Pripyat river
- Added new administrative buildings
- Added more forests
- Added administrative buildings and new warehouses
- Added Paths and View Geometry LODs to some buildings (AI Pathfinding)
- Added more resolution LODs to vehicles

- Fixed fire geometry in KBO and Yanov
- Fixed road blocked by pipes in certain places
- Fixed wrong SMDI textures

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