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More Units Mod APEX Edition von SpeisCheese (v1.1)
10.10.2016 - 19:04

More Units Mod APEX Edition von SpeisCheese (v1.1)

***** Update *****

SpeisCheese veröffentlichte sein More Units Mod APEX Edition Addon. Das Addon fügt neue Varianten bestehender A3 APEX Einheiten hinzu.


This mod adds many new soldiers for the APEX edition of ArmA 3. Many units are still missing for the new factions, mainly CTRG, Gendarmerie and Syndikat. Soldiers will have different weapons and equipment, to add a bigger variety of units. It also includes retextures. Note that, like my older mod, there aren't visual changes. No new models are included. Textures and equipment selection are the only thing that changed from pure visual look.
This mod is also ZEUS compatible.

- Renamed the mod. It is now a mod for the base Arma version and the APEX edition. So no real changes.
- Added 3 Russian Soldiers with new Indep helmet skin

Quelle: Steam


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