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More Vehicles Mod von SpeisCheese (v1.5)
08.10.2016 - 23:45

More Vehicles Mod von SpeisCheese (v1.5)

***** Update *****

SpeisCheese veröffentlichte sein More Vehicles Mod. Das Addon fügt neue Varianten bestehender A3 Einheiten hinzu.


This mod adds many new variants of existing ArmA 3 units. What I missed in ArmA 3 was this variety, which was present in other games like Wargame series, but not in ArmA 3. Variants only include different guns, no visual changes. My mod includes right now 15 different variants for CSAT, NATO and AAF vehicles.

This mod is also ZEUS compatible.

-33 variants of different NATO, CSAT and AAF vehicles.
-Units with other fation's textures, not present ingame
-Zeus compatibility
-Virtual garage compatibility

- All vehicles of the MVM APEX Edition have been transferred to this mod.
- Fixed custom textures not appearing on the IFV-6d
- Added the Leopard 2A5 EVO and FV510 for NATO
- Small bug fixes

More Vehicles Mod

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