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Sabres Aircraft Library von [Dust]Sabre (v1.29)
04.06.2017 - 19:15

Sabre's Aircraft Library von [Dust]Sabre (v1.29)

***** Update *****

[Dust]Sabre veröffentlichte sein Sabre's Aircraft Library Addon in den Bi-Foren.


- fixed the glass, it is pretty clean and clear now.
- You have to load the aircraft lib first (top in load order) to make this glass be seen on my planes.
- otherwise you get some older random definition from some old plane itself.

- minor changes (factions removed)

Sabre's Aircraft Library
This tiny addon is a requirement for my
Sopwith Camel, Curtiss JN-4, Albatros B.II, C.I,C.III, D.II and D.V, the Etrich Taube, Gotha G.V and Vickers Vimy addons
(some of these not released publicly yet).
It contains the weapons and other parts needed (similar to Firewills AWS system).

Later it will also include some pilots,
(The current pilot is an A3 placeholder character currently, it will be updated sometime later).

Eaglke for Spandau and Lewis Weapon Models

Quelle: Bi-Foren


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