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2035: Russian Armed Forces von Mindas & Deathstruck (v4.0.1)
23.09.2017 - 23:05

2035: Russian Armed Forces von Mindas & Deathstruck (v4.0.1)

***** Update *****

Mindas veröffentlichte sein Fictional 2035 Russian Armed Forces Addon. Das Addon enthält Fiktive russische Soldaten aus dem Jahr 2035.


HOTFIX: Fixed T-15's tracks animation going backwards.

- New uniforms in Hex, Urban Hex and Green Hex camo.
- New MICH helmet in Hex, Urban Hex and Green Hex camo.
- New Vests in green colour.
- New Light Ballistic Vest.
- New Helicopter pilot Helmet.
- New Jet pilot Helmet.
- Reworked Ballistic Vest model.
- Fixed Ballistic protection of vests and units themselves.
- New GAZ Tigr vehicle, replacing the temporary MRAP Karatel.
- New GAZ Tigr with a remote controlled Arbalet-DM tower and KORD MG.
- Minor Kamaz model reworks.
- Added Jets DLC radar capabilities to SA-22.
- Added new numbering system for heavy armoury.
- Replaced NSVT-M MG (T-14) with a KORD MG.
- Fixed Fire Geometry LODs for all vehicles. (which caused some trouble doing damage to them, because everything would just fly through it)
- Fixed rockets shooting only from one turret (T-15 and SA-22). Now rockets will launch from both.
- Ported SU-34 with new textures, which is replacing the temporary JAK-130. Jets DLC enhancements present.
- Jets DLC features and ability to choose weapons for pylons for every air-related vehicle.
- Minor KA-52 model edits.
- Added door animation to KA-52.
- Added numbering system.
- Fixed textures for KA-52.
- Fixed faulty cannon animation for KA-52. Now the weapon should look and behave correctly.
- New Anti-Air launcher 9K-333 Verba with 1PN-97 optics.
- New pylon of the 8V20 launcher and Vichr rockets for all air-related units.
- New Holo sight EoTech-553 for Spetsnaz units.
- New Laser sight Perst-1IK.
- New models for all rockets/projecticles for all mod-related launchers (9M-133, 9M-336, 57E6 etc.)
- New Laser-guided missile 9M-119 Refleks, which is used by the T-14.
- Fixed the 2A42 cannon, which now has two fire modes - Single shot and burst.
- Fixed penetration of 5,45x39 ammunition.
- Fixed the angling of GP-30 (AK-12GP) Grenade launcher.

And some pictures of the new Spetsnaz units:

This mod adds a fictional "future" version of the Russian Armed Forces to ArmA 3. It can be used to complement the other 2035 factions in the game.
Featured are unique uniforms, vests and gear (with their own models and textures) and included is the regular army, recon, paratroopers, sniper teams etc. in either Digital Flora or Berezhka camouflage.

Also, a lot of vanilla ArmA3 assets are utilized, especially vehicles which are retextured with the modern "Nakidka" camo.

Another thing included are the AK12 weapons and fictional "12" variants of others (using Vilas' AK12 model as a basis). Marskman DLC features are compatible.

We plan on expanding the roster, gear and armament with further versions. Same goes for some of the ArmA3 assets/placeholders (CSAT RPG-42 etc.) that will be replaced in the future.

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