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Chernobyl Zone - Autumn von ArmanIII (v0.47 Update)
18.06.2017 - 12:15

Chernobyl Zone - Autumn von ArmanIII (v0.47 Update)

***** Update *****

ArmanIII veröffentlichte sein Chernobyl Zone - Autumn Addon auf seiner Seite. Das Addon enthält eine Chernobyl Zone Landschaft, 20x20km groß als Herbst-Version.
Danke an Maui für die Info in unseren ArmA2Base-Foren


The Chernobyl Zone works with Arma 2 or Arma 3. Abandoned place in northern Ukraine. Chernobyl Zone is abandoned area northern of ukraine city Kiev.
Size of map is 20x20km.

v0.47 Update
- Autumn addon can be now loaded without changing original map.

- Added new grass texture
- Added dead trees to Red forest
- Added foot sounds to buildings
- Added wastewater treatment plant
- Added "Yanivsky" bridge over Pripyat river
- Added new administrative buildings
- Added more forests
- Added administrative buildings and new warehouses
- Added Paths and View Geometry LODs to some buildings (AI Pathfinding)
- Added more resolution LODs to vehicles

- Fixed fire geometry in KBO and Yanov
- Fixed road blocked by pipes in certain places
- Fixed wrong SMDI textures


Chernobyl Zone - Autumn

Chernobyl Zone

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