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CH View Distance Addon von Champ-1 (v1.11)
15.01.2017 - 15:00

CH View Distance Addon von Champ-1 (v1.11)

***** Update *****

Champ-1 veröffentlichte sein View Distanz Script als Addon-Version in den Bi-Foren.


So I have finally overcome my fear of dialog controls and made this script. It's very similar to TAW View Distance Script by Tonic (that's what inspired me after all), but with a couple new features:
- objects view distance and sync view distance options for every situation;
- all settings are saved to profile;
- ability to limit maximum view distance and objects view distance for the mission.

- added: CBA Keybindings compatibility. You can adjust addon/script hotkeys in "controls" menu
- added: ability to increase / decrease view distance by 500m with hotkeys
- added: French translation by norx_aengell

Quelle: Bi-Foren


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