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Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack vom CUP Team (v1.9.0)
10.04.2017 - 21:00

Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack von CUP Team (v1.9.0)

***** Update *****

Cup veröffentlichte sein Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Projekt vom CUP Team ist eine Initiative, um den gesamten ArmA 2 Inhalt (+ OA und DLCs) in ArmA 3 (inclusive ArmA3 Funktionsumfang) zu implementieren.


* CUP_Weapons_AK - Added preconfig suppressed AK74M/AKM for fun :^)
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,M240,M60E4,Mk48,PK - added magazine variants with different tracer colors on M240/L7, Mk.48, M60E4, PKM/PKP, fixes T1946
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,M72A6,RPG18 - Added M72A6 LAW
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,StaticWeapons,VehicleWeapons - added RBS 70 ammo/magazine/weapon data
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,VehicleWeapons - Added CRV7 HE and KE (Kinetic-Energy) variants.
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,VehicleWeapons - Added GAU-19/A Red Tracer magazines, 1200 and 2400 rounds
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,VehicleWeapons - Added GAU-19/A Vehicle Cannon (single and twin)
* CUP_Weapons_AWM,CZ750,Huntingrifle,LeeEnfield,M24,Sounds,WeaponsCore,model.cfg - Eventhandler script for bolt actions rechambering sound and animation
* CUP_Weapons_M24 - Added scope to CUP_srifle_M40A3_bipod
* CUP_Weapons_M72A6 - added M72A6 Special variant
* CUP_Weapons_RPG7 - Added a few modified files
* CUP_Weapons_RPG7 - Added: new RPG-7 port, PGO7 from the SPG-9, recreated missing files
* CUP_Weapons_RPG7 - Added RPG-7 and scopes, courtesy of RHS. Big Thank you guys!
* CUP_Weapons_SCAR - Added HiddenSelection to SCAR family and added Black and Woodland color schemes.
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - Added angle of inclination display to M119 optics and made the angle change with PgUp/PgDn.
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - RscInGameUI for angle of inclination display.

* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - Changed the launcher names for the RPG-7
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - Fixed missing inherit for hidden pylons
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - M2 and other .50cal machineguns now use CUP ammunition instead of vanilla
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - SPG-9 and 2A28 Grom rounds dont bounce all over the place anymore, fixes T1924
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,StaticWeapons,VehicleWeapons - RBS 70 now has proper weapon class and can be used correctly in game
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - vehicle mounted grenade launchers now use a separate ammo type with different simulation, prevents the character's head to shake all over the place and tip vehicles over because of recoil
* CUP_Weapons_FNFAL - minor improvements to FN FAL textures and materials
* CUP_Weapons_Grenades - Added ace fragmentation for L109A1, L109A2 and M67 (Fixes T1968)
* CUP_Weapons_L85 - eye position on L85 iron sights brought forward, aiming should now be easier
* CUP_Weapons_M16 - eye position on M16s/M4s iron sights was brought back a bit to avoid clipping issues, fixes T1821
* CUP_Weapons_M16 - M4 back up iron sights now fold down the right way when optics are mounted
* CUP_Weapons_M16,WeaponsCore - Hand clipping issues with side rail lasers/lights. (Fixes T1925)
* CUP_Weapons_M24 - Fixed M40A3 attachment slot name, resolves T1986
* CUP_Weapons_MicroUZI - reverted MicroUZI textures to originals from A2, minor tweaks to materials
* CUP_Weapons_Pods - Fixed blurred CRV7 - Fixes T630
* CUP_Weapons_Sounds,SoundShaders - Weapon sounds from behind obstacles was muted (fixes T1998)
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - additional bits on static Zu23 turret are now correctly animated
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - fixed gunner position in Igla AA pod
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - Mk19 tripod and gun backpacks are not hidden from virtual arsenal anymore
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - moved static weapons to CUP namespace, should avoid corruption issues with vanilla static weapons
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - physx overhaul on all static weapons, should now be a lot more stable when placed on uneven ground or buildings
* CUP_Weapons_West_Attachments - fixed wrong texture assignment on black Aimpoint CompM2

* CUP_BaseConfigs - CUP faction names have been streamlined, all factions should now appear with their armed forces/branch name, with the exception of civilians
* CUP_Weapons_WeaponsCore - On bolt action rifles, you now have to hold down trigger in order to delay cycle bolt animation when looking down iron sight/scope
* CUP_Weapons - Added aimTransitionSpeed value to all infantry weapons (Fixes T1781)
* CUP_Weapons_AA12 - improved materials and general aspect of the AA-12
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - 7.62 gatling ammunition damage radius reduced from 2m to 1.5m
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - HEAT ammunition splash damage overhaul, most HEAT rounds now deal higher damage on a bigger area, fixes T1922
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - M3P, GAU-19 and Yak-B machineguns now all use custom ammo with additional small splash damage
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,M47 - adjusted weight value for M47 Dragon missile to match other similar heavy AT missiles, fixes T1954
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,M72A6,RPG18 - Both RPG-18 and M72A6 launchers can now fit in backpacks
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - tweaked hit (damage) values on some ammunitions
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,VehicleWeapons - Tweaked CRV7 rockets to have more accurate performance
* CUP_Weapons_AS50,AWM,CZ750,FNFAL,Huntingrifle,L129,LeeEnfield,M107,M110,M14,M14_DMR,M16,M24,SCAR - added "ace_railHeightAboveBore" for long range rifles (T992)
* CUP_Weapons_Backpacks - improved materials on backpacks
* CUP_Weapons_Curator - M72A6 can now be spawned as a prop in the editor
* CUP_Weapons_CZ805 - CZ805 changed to use G36 magazines instead of STANAG magazines
* CUP_Weapons_L85,M16,M240 - L85 can now be ranged up to 500m
* CUP_Weapons_L85,M16,M240 - M16 can now be ranged down to 100m
* CUP_Weapons_L85,M16,M240 - M240 has proper 100m steps in ranging up to 1500m
* CUP_Weapons_M136 - M136 launcher can now be carried in backpacks
* CUP_Weapons_M16 - minor improvements to M16/M4 weapons family materials and textures
* CUP_Weapons_M16 - optics proxy moved forward on M16/M4
* CUP_Weapons_M249,M60E4 - AI rate of fire with M249/M60E4 should now be equal to similar vanilla weapons, also M249 recoil has been slightly adjusted, fixes T1676
* CUP_Weapons_M72A6 - M72A6 can now be retextured
* CUP_Weapons_SCAR - Changed SCAR family to have HiddenSelections
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - changed maxElev on Mk19 static weapon, elevation is now limited to +30 degrees
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - DSHKM can now elevate only to +20 degrees
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - improved general aspect and materials on most static weapons
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - manual ranging on static weapons streamlined, added more intermediate distances
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - static M2 machinegun now uses custom materials and textures instead of vanilla offroad ones
* CUP_Weapons_StaticWeapons - tweaked max/min elevation of KORD w/high mount
* CUP_Weapons_UK59 - tweaked UK59 materials
* CUP_Weapons_VehicleWeapons - improved GAU-12/22 sounds
* CUP_Weapons_West_Attachments - aesthetic improvements to M68 CCO/Aimpoint CompM2
* CUP_Weapons_West_Attachments - transfered ace parameters for scopes into CUP configs and added "ace_scopeHeightAboveRail"

* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,M47 - removed duplicate entry for M47 magazine in relative weapon config
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - removed AGM/duplicate params
* CUP_Weapons_AK,AS50,G36,KSVK,L110,L129,LeeEnfield,M110,M107,M14_DMR,M24,M249,M60E4,Mk48,PK,SA58,SCAR,UK59 - Removed some deprecated AGM/TMR parameters
* CUP_Weapons_RPG7 - Removed Arma 2 RPG-7
* CUP_Weapons_RPG7 - Removed original RPG-7 port because the author withdrew his permission
* CUP_Weapons_RPG7 - Removed some obsolete files

CUP Weapons Pack
This is the WEAPONS pack. It contains all the weapons, assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns, grenade launchers, pistols, sniper rifles, and whatever else goes "boom" in Arma 2 and the expansion and DLC's. All weapons are stripped of their attachments were possible, and these have been turned into attachable scopes, lasers, flashlights, and bipods interchangeable with the vanilla content.
Some of the weapons are new or derived from the original ones.

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