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FoxFort Camo Pack von FoxFort (v1.46)
28.05.2017 - 15:00

FoxFort Camo Pack von FoxFort (v1.46)

***** Update *****

FoxFort veröffentlichte sein FoxFort Camo Pack Addon. Das Addon enthält verschiedene russische Uniformen (u.a. Gorka). Vor der Version v1.0 bekannt unter: Gorka Uniforms.


New camouflages for soldier's equipment, primary for uniforms for all vanilla ArmA 3 sides. All uniforms all unlocked and can be worn by all sides.

This addon contains the following camouflages with "FFCP" in prefix:
A-Tacs, ACU, AOR2, Berezka, Blue, Black, CCE, CCE Urban, CADPAT, Dauget, Dauget Combo, Digital, EMR, Flora, Flecktarn, Green, Jigsaw, Izlom, Kamysh, Khaki, M81, MDU10, MDU93, Marpat W, Marpat Desert, Scorpion W2, Surpat, RS Woodland, Desert Digital, Tiger, TTSKO, Type 07, VSR, Urban Tiger, USD (US 3-color), Nomad, Square Urban, Square Desert and Square Woodland, MTP, M90 Splinter, Partizan S and Partizan A, WZ93, DBDU, Alpenflage.

Available via Virtual Arsenal, Virtual Ammobox System and via it's own supply boxes in Editor.

- Added: MDU02 camouflage for AAF uniform, Body armor, vest, bonniehat.
- Added: NATO uniform "OCP" camouflage.
- Added: Retexture of APEX DLC stealth uniform with: Atacs, Black, Green, CCE, Daguet, OCP, M81.
- Improved: NATO uniform "Green" and Nato uniform "EMR" texture.
- Changed: Renamed "Scorpion W2" into "OCP".

FoxFort Camo Pack

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