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WW AIMenu von Windwalking (v2.15)
22.09.2013 - 16:29 von miller

WW AIMenu von Windwalking (v2.15)

Windwalking veröffentlichte sein WW AIMenu Addon in den Bi-Foren.


What is WW AIMenu
This is a really simple mod that adds a few needed commands for otherwise either buggy or incomplete behavior for friendly AI units in group. I can't live without those commands, but I am not sure of how useful the mod will be for most of you. I was hesitant of sharing this, but decided to do it anyway. I am keeping this mod as a platform to add other AI commands. So if you do have any ideas you want to add to the mod, please do share it with me here.

• Adds explosives list of all the explosives in the selected units. Point where you want them to be planted and the unit will place it there. You will get the set off if there is on in your action menu.
• Safe mode heal. This heal command will allow the selected units to heal themselves up. If there is a medic, the medic will go around and heal everyone. If there are no medics, the units will share their extra First aid with others if they have it.
• Combat mode heal. For this command, units will try to heal themselves up using first aid first. If there is a medic and the unit is not too far away, he will pop smoke if the unit's health is too low and will attempt to heal him. Units will attempt to share their first aid only if the distance is not too far off.
• A rearm command that actually works. Point at the object you want them to rearm at and select that command.
• Opens inventory for units to whatever object you point at. Allows inventory to be opened between units. If you are looking at the unit itself, it will open the inventory where it stands. Same if no appropriate object is in your cursor
• Adds control on engine on and off for all AI controlled vehicles in your group
• Adds control on weapon accessories for AI like lights on/off supressor on/off and IRLaser on/off
• Unstuck command for any units or vehicles the AI is in. If no units are selected, it unstucks the player.
• Landing AI piloted heli on designated position. The AI pilot will fly to the designated area and land there. position is selected on the map.
• Clearing buildings of threats. AI will attempt to clear the whole building then come out.
• Add multiple waypoints for units to go to in order
• Control in flight height for Aircrafts
• Order AI to fly around an area. Choose the radius and the position.
• A very featured waypoint system for units
• Ability to eject from helicopters and use the parachute automatically

- Fixed a bug with Land helicopter command, now it properly cancels when returning to formation or ordered to move away. - - Works only if farther away than 120m from the landing zone. Thats the only workaround I could find.
- Added a marker on the map where the heli is ordered to land
- Units will now move in formation when using Set Waypoint (That wasnt simple!!!!)
- You can now cancel clearing building using return to formation
- You can now select waypoints much more precisely even if close to each others.
*known issue* units will loop trying to clear barracks buildings. I will look into it.
- added a 1m flight profile for helis
- Increased the maximum number of waypoint groups possible to 12

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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