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PVS-27 Interact von fat_lurch (v0.3)
05.06.2017 - 10:46 von miller

PVS-27 Interact von fat_lurch (v0.3)

fat_lurch veröffentlichte sein PVS-27 Interact Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält ein ACE3 Interaktionsmenü für das RHS USAF PVS-27.


This mod allows you to attach and detach the RHSUSAF PVS-27 using the ACE3 self-interact menu while using the RHSUSAF M8541A optic or the TA31RCO (Desert). Please note that this only works with the desert colored RCO (ACOG) because there's only currently a model of the Tan ACOG with the PVS-27 in RHSUSAF. As soon as more optic/PVS-27 combos are available from RHS, I'll incorporate them into this mod. Feel free to use any or all of this mod, and change it as you see fit. If you wind up using this in a project, I'd appreciate a nod.

Thanks to the RHS and ACE3 teams for their awesome content. Special thanks to pabstmirror from the ACE3 team for help on this! Thanks to voiper for his/her writeup on the ACE Interact framework. This is my first mod released to the community - be gentle. I'll try to un@#$% any issues that are found.

-Added hints when PVS-27 attached and removed
-Added error handling for instances where the PVS-27+daylight scope combo is incompatible (e.g. An RHS M4 variant with the ACOG+PVS-27 combo)

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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