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Caucasus Insurgency von fingolfin (v1.3.1)
01.08.2017 - 09:40 von miller

Caucasus Insurgency von fingolfin (v1.3.1)

***** Update *****

fingolfin veröffentlichte sein Caucasus Insurgency Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon nordkaukasische Rebellenkräfte in verschiedenen Uniformen und Ausrüstungen sowie russische Spezialeinheiten (MVD) basierend auf den RHS Mods. darstellen.


This add-on depicts generic North-Caucasian rebel forces in different types of clothing and equipment and Russian special and regular forces (Army, VDV, MVD and OMON) based on the mods done by the Red Hammer Studios. The aim is to have an enemy faction for RHS AFRF which only requires the RHS mods.

The rebel units are equipped with older soviet-style weapons, use 6SH92, Vydra 3M and Serbian MD-99 vest and wear a variety of different uniforms and headgear. Please note that the gear and equipment of the units isn’t a 100% according to their real-life counterparts, but since I can’t model, it’s the closest I could get. The Russian forces come in many different camo variants and carry the appropriate gear for a 2000 till 2012 timeframe.
It’s recommended to use this add-on with ASCZ Heads or other beard add-ons.

• Gorkas in Multicam and EMR
• smocks in Multicam, Flecktarn and Schneetarn
• tactical vests (MD-99) in Woodland, khaki, black and DCU
• ANA V95 vests in many camo patterns
• some improved/reworked textures
• small config fixes/bug fixes

• Naval Infantry in TTsKO, VSR and Flora camo
• VV and MSV troops in Afghanka uniforms
• Sfera and Sfera-S helmets
• ANA V95 vests in many camo patterns
• reworked loadouts for many units (thanks to scimitar's advice)
• improved/reworked textures
• many small config fixes
• some more stuff I forgot to mention...

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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