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Belravninan Army (BVS) von kaelies (v1.2)
12.09.2016 - 13:00 von miller

Belravninan Army (BVS) von kaelies (v1.2)

***** Update *****

kaelies veröffentlichte sein Belravninan Army (BVS) Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält Belravninan Armee [BVS] und Belravninan Defense Forces [BSO].


- Fixed several issues with 1BF-3 uniform
- Optimized some unused textures to reduce addon size
- 1BP-1 scope now includes compass and elevation notification (in 2d view only)
- Added 1BP-2 scope with rangefinder; model is still WIP.
- Added 1BPM-1 and 1BPM-2 monoculars, without and with rangefinder respectively. These are based on and look similar to the 1BP scopes.
- Added BVS and BVS-Opfor flags
- Added empty crates
- All BVS troops now carry some variation of the monocular, typically the 1a variant.
- Minor changes to BVS unit loadouts
- Gear randomization script (kae_fnc_randomGear) added. See YZDS addon for examples of use.

The military forces of Belravnina are split into the army (BVS) and defense forces (BSO); members of both are career soldiers and share training and equipment.

The BSO is largely concerned with defense of civilian areas from both external and internal forces, and therefore also acts as a local SWAT force in conjunction with local police (but does not replace the police). The green-and-blue uniform is therefore intended to fit in better with urban clothing while retaining a unique appearance. Currently, the BSO is not entirely fleshed out and thus, while the uniforms are available, units have not been fully defined.

The BVS generally handles national defense, as well as offensive operations; in peacetime, units may be sent out as mercenaries to foreign conflicts to keep them in shape. The typical BVS platoon consists of two regular infantry squads, a skirmish squad, a support squad, and a recon squad. The regular infantry squad is intended for medium-range engagements and general-purpose usage, and is reasonably mobile with good firepower. The skirmish squad is an extremely mobile unit meant to harass the enemy and handle CQB situations. The support squad is a less mobile unit which would set up behind the front line and provide heavy fire support. Finally, the recon squad typically spreads out and allows the rest of the platoon to know what is going on ahead of time.

The Shturm elite forces are highly trained shock troops who focus on attacking new positions, and focus on highly mobile tactics combined with high firepower and range to eliminate opposition before they can react. They allow themselves to stand out through the use of uncamouflaged beige vests and black masks.

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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