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Raabans Editor Update von Raaban (v1.0)
03.06.2013 - 15:16 von miller

Raabans Editor Update von Raaban (v1.0)

Raaban veröffentlichte sein Raabans Editor Update.
Hinweis: Das Addon wurde in der Alpha/Beta-Phase von ArmA3 veröffentlicht und funktioniert in der Verkaufsversion ev. nicht richtig.


This mod allows you to place more buildings that arent originally in the editor.

Known issues:
There are bugs, more buildings/items will be added with time.

Feel Free to use this in your mission, and be kind to Credit me.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to Lamarium for online testing
Thanks to pawlemann for support/Testing.

I did not make any of these models, Bohemia interactive made them all. I just made a quick script to get them in the editor.

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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