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NIArms M14 Rifles von toadie2k (v1.95)
27.07.2017 - 16:13 von miller

NIArms M14 Rifles von toadie2k (v1.95)

***** Update *****

toadie2k veröffentlichte sein NIArms M14 Rifles M14 Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält verschiedene M14 Waffen und ein M21 Marksman Rifle.


The M14 is the big F-You to FN Herstal and the FAL. At it’s core, it’s more or less just an Auto-fire capable M1 Garand that feeds from external mags instead of en-block clips, for better or worse. Of the “Big 3” .308 battle rifles of the era, the M14 is the most cumbersome, but like it’s parent design, is a nail-driver. It was so good at it that it well outlived it’s immediate successor (the original M16) in US Armed force usage. The latest iteration, the Mk14 EBR/M39 EMR platforms though, likely signal the end of it’s life, as the adoption of those was primarily decided due to an abundance of mothballed M14s and a distinct lack of 7.62 NATO effectiveness in the current arid conflicts, and M110s and Mk11s were in short supply.

Pack Contents
- 6 M14 rifles
- Period-accurate optics

JR tweaks & cleanups for M14 pack (Credit: Robalo)
Add opticType param to M14 optics (Credit: Robalo)
Add M14 weaponholders(Credit: Robalo)
- Sound Volume tweaks on M14 soundshaders
- Material fresnel adjustments
- Added hidden selections to all models (see classes for more details)
- hlc_optic_LRT_m14 now defaults 500m zero (was 200)
- displaynames truncated - now use generic adoption models instead of Manufacturers
- Inertia,dexterity and dispersion variances implemented
- Added:
hlc_rifle_M21_Rail (M21 with scope rail)
hlc_rifle_M14dmr_Rail (M14DMR with scope rail)
hlc_rifle_M14_Bipod_Rail (M14 with scope rail,bipod)
- Added Additional weaponholders
- Revamped Soundshader Samples (Credit: navaro)
M14-PVS4 config correction (#51) -M14 was referencing pvs4-daysight located in hlc_wp_g3 instead of mesh
located in hlc_wp_m14, creating uneccessary dependacy. (Credit: bryan.boru)

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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