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NIArms AK Rifle Pack von toadie2k (v2.22)
27.07.2017 - 16:13 von miller

NIArms AK Rifle Pack von toadie2k (v2.22)

***** Update *****

toadie2k veröffentlichte sein AK Rifle Pack in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält verschiedene Ak Waffen.


The Kalashnikov family of rifles have a long-standing legacy in firearms . What started in 1945 as an effort to supplant the Mosin-Nagant in soviet infantry service resulted in one of the most prolific bloodlines of semi/automatic rifles in history. Within this AK pack you’ll find a broad selection from the family history and role-defining variations, starting with the original milled receiver AK47 an going through to the coming of age in the AK12. To augment the suite, a selection of optical and muzzle attachments are at your disposal. This is not an exhaustive pack, but it should cover enough roles and variants to suit most needs from a practical standpoint.

Pack Contents
- 16 AK rifles in the two primary AK platform calibers- 5.45mmx39 and 7.62mmx39
- 4 Warsaw-pact Dovetail Optics
- 2 dedicated AK-platform sound suppressors.
- 5 optic variations, including two full-length picatinny rail options and Hensoldt integrated optics
- dedicated GP-25/30 Rifle Grenades

- Corrected Typo in RPK12 model.cfg.

- Support to magswitch function on all Weapons
- 75rnd Drum mag replaced on all respective meshes (AK47,AKM, RK62,RPK,SLR107)
- Soundshader/Soundset changes:
+ Occlusion and Obstruction issues fixed (Gunshots no longer occluded by an A4 sheet held to face)
+ Midrange Gunshots tweaked
+ Tail volumes improved
+ Minor sound volume tweaks across the board
- New reload animations implemented.
- General AI Behaviour improvements.

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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