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Approaching Kavala Co-18 von SPhoenix (v1.3) [Coop Mission]
03.08.2015 von miller

Approaching Kavala Co-18

Multiplayer Coop



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With Turkey pledging protection from Greece to the Altis claim to sovereignty, CSAT have been granted authority to fight alongside AAF in the war for this crucial Mediterranean port. NATO's forces on the island were attacked by surprise a few months ago. This attack was condemned by most of the Western world, and a deployment of a battalion of US forces was precipitated in order to ensure peace on the island. Whereas the campaign to secure the eastern half of Altis was fairly swift, capturing the western part has proven much more of a challenge, in part due to the more pronounced terrain, where NATO loses its advantage of superior armor to the infantry and mobility of the AAF, supported by the CSAT technology.
A recent push by NATO allowed them to capture the old AAC airfield and severely diminish the combined OPFOR combat readiness by undermining their deployment capabilities. Next step for friendly forces is to capture Zaros, a task made excruciatingly difficult by the terrain, favoring CSAT artillery and AAF infantry garrisoned in the city. NATO commanders refuse to risk civilian casualties and will not fire on the city blindly - thereby creating a stalemate. An effort is currently underway to cut the OPFOR supply route, first by capturing the Xirolimni Dam and then circling back south to isolate Zaros and starve them out. While the dam was taken, the AAF is currently staging a counter-attack.

This is taking far too long to the taste of USMEDCOM, which is why at the same time, we have managed to sneak a Marshall IFV and a Bobcat engineering vehicle by boat deep into enemy territory in order to capture and restore a former NATO FOB that would make it possible to take Kavala in a matter of days instead of weeks. Since this is a high-risk operation, behind enemy lines, a unit of US Special Forces have been assigned to open the road to the engineers.

About the mission
Combined Arms-type mission whereby infantry must work together with two armored units to take a heavily fortified position. Most of the action happens within a kilometer-long strip; so don't expect to be too tired from running, but make sure you do not make a single tactical mistake, or you will meet a very swift death!

- Voice acting
- Custom loadouts
- FHQ Task Tracker
- Psycho's Revive Script
- Zenophon's OccupyHouse script




- Fixed missing briefing (?)

- Reduced the use of UPSMON - should see increased performance.
- Fixed ammobox script error.
- Added friendly Hunter for the engineering team.
- Fixed the First Aid System.
- Added ammo crates at spawn.
- Removed tracer effects in the background - should see improved performance.
- Transferred the Bobcat crew to the engineering team for more efficient use of players.

- Edited loadouts.
- Brought the exfil waypoint closer.


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