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Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2018
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Antistasi Altis Co-08 von barbolani (v0.17.9 Alpha) [Coop Mission]
10.01.2016 von miller

Antistasi Altis Co-08

Multiplayer Coop
Einzelspieler (spielbar)


0.17.9 Alpha

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Hello Everybody!

I am very pleased to publish my masterpiece.
In Arma - 3 Antistasi (Arma 3 - Resistance, from Greek) you play the role of Commander Stavros, fighter of the FIA forces, which becomes the leader of the attack ground forces in Altis. The whole island is in AAF hands. Starting from scratch, you need to build up your forces, with a progression on logistics, manpower and weapons in order to conquer the island.

Focused on SP and Coop. This is a mission made to play with friends, clan training etc.. Just connect and play the way you want!

Mission features:
- Totally dynamic: missions, enemy and friendly assets, positions, etc..
- Around 18 Type of Sidemissions, including convoys, defense, rescue, logistics and much more to come!
- Theatre: Whole Altis: The whole island is your battlefield, decide tactically and strategically where to attack or defend.
- Resistance logistics: No "magic" unlimited weapons and ammo boxes. You need to gather resources, on whatever way, to equip your squad. You will have to earn every single bullet. Load ammoboxes content to any truck.
- Civilian Support: There's a Civil War in Altis. Your actions will affect Civilian perception of your side, which affect to the territory you control, how many assets and manpower you receive and much more.
- World Power Support: Each faction is searching for support from external parties (NATO and CSAT) to win the war. Achieve a nice support from NATO and you will be able to act in coordination with them.
- Enemy AI Commander: AI reacts to your movements and manages their economy.
- Friendly AI Management: Some functions which will make easier to deal with your AI squadmates.
- Enemy Comms: Destroy Radio Towers in order to disturb enemy communications and make it more clumsy on it's response.
- AI Improvements: Some additions to AI, like using smoke for cover or while dismounting, surrendering, rappeling, paratrooping, use of fixed positions, airstrikes and many more.
- Undercover Operations: Same as a traditional Resistance Soldier, you have the possibility to be just one civilian more, get into the enemy zones and strike them in the back.
- Persistent Savegame: You won't loose your game progression on mission updates.
- Experience the typical "Arma Combined Arms Experience".
- As random as possible: There are not two missions exactly the same. Anything may happen, anyway, anytime, anywhere.
- Scripts: UPSMon (Kronzky, Monsada and Cool=Azroul13), Addon Free Stat Save System (zooloo75).




v0.17.15 Alpha
Added RHS VR rockets to possible AAF ammobox spawn.
In open MP, guest players cannot cause a "Defend HQ" mission by firing mortars close to HQ.
Added First Aid Kits on Arsenal default.
FIA powerplant garrisons now man the mortars correctly.
Added a cooldown timer to be able to recruit when player has dismissed units recently (to avoid constant spawn-despawn until soldier equipment is what player wants)


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