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Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2018
Downloads » ArmA3 Addons » Large Terrain Test Collection - 600km x 600km von Arma3goodCPUlowFPS (v1.0) [Inseln] Download-Infos
Large Terrain Test Collection - 600km x 600km von Arma3goodCPUlowFPS (v1.0) [Inseln]
08.01.2015 von miller

Large Terrain Test Collection - 600km x 600km

Das Addon enthält ein Test-Gelände um zu erfahren, wie ArmA3 mit großen Landschaften umgeht.



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Hello, here i will post different sizes of a terrain for testing of how arma 3 can handle big terrains. the terrains i will upload are not made by me, i have permission from "TeamProSkill" for using his terrain, resizing it and uploading it.

anyway, i wont make big changes on the terrains i upload, i do only resizes. i wont place objects or creating new textures. my resized version of the terrains are not recommended for playing since there are no objects nor detail which makes it pretty boring for playing.

The resized terrains are good for:
- testing the arma 3 engine
- testing how arma 3 can handle big terrains
- testing how arma 3 handle many objects (placing via zeus)
- air combat
- testing own addons like new vehicles, weapons etc

Current Terrain sizes Uploaded:
600km x 600km (DL link:
204km x 204km (DL link:
409km x 409km (DL link:

My current test result:
- 204km x 204km works currently like a charm, the textures arent that good quality like the altis/stratis one, but it isnt THAT bad. (im not finished with testing since i did this size after the 600km x 600km, maybe the results will change after testing done)

- 600km x 600km works, but first you will notice the low quality textures (idk if its possible to have better quality) and some bugs, for example: if you walk and drive, you will notice that you are pushed to left and right. another bug is that on some places, the texture appear in OK quality and if you go/drive few meters, then ultra low texture quality appear and if you go back, the OK quality texture appear again.

- 409km x 409km works almost like the 600km x 600km size, but the bugs are a little bit less noticable, for example: you will be pushed to left and right like on the 600km size but not THAT hard, its a bit less now. textures are also a little bit better quality but there is still the texture bug where the low res texture suddenly appear on some places.




- first release

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