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Montag, 15. Oktober 2018
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2SCR Altis Insurgency Co-27 von 2LT Limey [2SCR] (v19) [Coop Mission]
30.10.2014 von miller

2SCR Altis Insurgency Co-27

Multiplayer Coop

2LT Limey [2SCR]


Benötigte Addons:


Weitere Infos:


A lightweight, battle-tested, stable, fast Altis Insurgency map that anyone can join & play on. Low on CPU resources, low mod requirements, ideal for a public server (which is how 2SCR uses it). Pubbers with no mods at all can connect and play on this map just fine. This is a custom-written Altis Insurgency, written specifically with our 2SCR unit and pubbers in mind, hand-made from scratch, by me. I'm a systems engineer by trade, and I like lightweight, clean things. This is, i hope, an example of that. 2SCR runs this on a 4CPU dedicated Linux server and when it's rockin' with ~20 players, the server has a load of around 1.2 or 1.3. She's a sweetheart. Please enjoy the map, and have fun!

EOS Insurgency System: Turn grids Green by destroying all enemy in Red Grids. Almost all towns & structures have in-town enemy AI or patrol groups close-by. Well-tuned AI awareness & accuracy values. Some towns heavily garrisoned, supported by armor & air assets/reinforcements.
Well-stocked base map at Altis Airfield, outfitted for the 2nd Stryker Combat Regiment.
- Strykers (Gorgons), Helicopters, etc. BIS Arsenal on all crates at base for E-Z & save-able weapon loadouts.
27 Slots (3x Squads + Officers). Join in Progress enabled.
@CBA_A3 and @Task_Force_Radio are both HIGHLY recommended, but not required for use. There are no other mod requirements at all. This is a lean, clean map.

Specific Features:
- =BTC= Revive Script
- Air & Ground Vehicle Service Point (GVS). Air & Ground vehicle automatically respawn after their destruction (~5 minutes).
- Virtual Vehicle Spawner Point/Cordoned Area (VVS)
- HALO Jump Script
- Enhanced Helicopter Script: (Non-combat helicopters can drop flares/smoke/lines of flares/smoke/etc).
- Cleanup Script to remove "dead" objects.
- Vehicle Interior Lighting (RED Light/GREEN Light) Script
- Repair Script to allow non-Engineers/anyone with a Toolkit to Repair Vehicles.
- Random Weather Script to keep the game fresh & interesting (and sometimes annoying fog!!). Weather changes about every 15 minutes.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.
Or, if you're using Linux, extract and scp it in your $ARMA_HOME/mpmissions/ folder.

2SCR Public Server: come stop by. The IP is:
Or stop by our website at

Credits & thanks:
Lala41 for Interior Lighting
Easy Redbeard for Enhanced Helicopters
Jacmac for Generic Vehicle Service
BangaBob for EOS Insurgency
Tonic for Virtual Vehicle Spawner
Giallustio for =BTC= Revive
Lala14 for Repair Scripts
Pokertour for ATM Airdrop
Aeroson for Repetitive Cleanup
Meatball for Random Weather2




- first release

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a32LT Limey [2SCR]
a32SCR Altis Insurgency Co-27


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