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Montag, 15. Oktober 2018
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FHQ Debug Console for Arma 3 von Varanon (v1.0) [Editing Tools] Info
FHQ Debug Console for Arma 3 von Varanon (v1.0) [Editing Tools]
FHQ Debug Console for Arma 3 Info: Eine Debug-Konsole für Missions-Bastler. Autor: Varanon Version: 1.0 Benötigte Addons: Community Base Addons A3 Weitere Infos: BIS-Forum Zitat FHQ Debug Console is a tool for mission makers that allows to you execute script commands locally, on all clients, or on the server, set watch expressions, and offers a few useful tools like saving/restoring inventories, finding building positions, a Quake-like debug window, and even a 3d editor! Features: • Script command execution on local client, all clients, or server on...
Grösse 1,0 MB
Datum 15.12.2013
Downloads 672
Bewertung 5,00
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FreeDee (3D Editor) von HeliJunkie (v0.021) [Editing Tools] Info
FreeDee (3D Editor) von HeliJunkie (v0.021) [Editing Tools]
FreeDee (3D Editor) Info: Eine frühe Version des 3D Editor für ArmA3 von HeliJunkie. Autor: HeliJunkie Version: 0.021 Benötigt: C++ Redistributable .Net Framework 4 - Full Weitere Infos: BIS-Forum FreeDee Manual Zitat Hey all! After such a great response I'm happy to realease a first usable alpha Version. The editor now also includes a simple way to export/import objects with .csv file. Installation: Extract the contents of the .zip file to the root of Arma3. This will extract: a mod-folder "@FreeDee" two mission files in the "\Misi...
Grösse 98,2 KB
Datum 04.12.2013
Downloads 648
Bewertung 4,00
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FSFGear von ElDoktor (v1.0.0.38) [Editing Tools] Info
FSFGear von ElDoktor (v1.0.0.38) [Editing Tools]
FSFGear Info: FSFGear ist Ausrüstungs-Editor für ArmA 3, ähnlich wie LEA für ArmA 2. Autor: ElDoktor Version: Benötigt: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Zitat Description: FSFGear is an application which helps players creating loadouts for Arma 3, much like LEA does for Arma 2. You can create, save, edit and share profiles. It is combined with "FSFGearAddon" which is used to load sets in game. The addon works with the following crates: Box_NATO_Wps_F, Box_NATO_WpsSpecial_F, Box_NATO_WpsLaunch_F, Box_NATO_Ammo_F, Box_NATO_AmmoOrd_F, Box_NATO_Grenades_F, ...
Grösse 147,1 KB
Datum 08.10.2013
Downloads 623
Bewertung 1,00
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