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Mittwoch, 15. August 2018
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News » ArmA3 Addons (News) 31 News
KA Weapons Pack von KICKASS (v3.0) (veröffentlicht am 03.10.2015 - 13:00)
KA Weapons Pack von KICKASS (v3.0) ***** Update ***** KICKASS veröffentlichte sein KA Weapons Pack. Das Addon enthält verschiedene Waffen für ArmA3: AMR2-Sniper rifle, AN94-Assault Rifle, Destroyer-Rocket, Sawed Off-Shotgun, SKS-Self Loaded Rifle, MRC-Modular Rifle Caseless, XM25-CDTE. Zitat This adds 11 weapons for ARMA3. Weapons: • AN94 • M134 • AA12 • HK416 • Desert Eagl • AMR2 • Destroyer • Sawed Shotgun • SKS • MRCs • XM25 Credits & Thanks: Ancient Computer War Machine 86 ATLAS Ninety three Mac Tavish mishi5250 Changelog: v3.0 - I increased textuer for original weapons,and created five new weapons. - Some models from "gamebanana"(,some from "Pick 3D Models"( - Some Parameters,Animation,Sound re...
Kandahâr Province von Anthariel (v0.1 Alpha) (veröffentlicht am 14.05.2015 - 00:12)
Kandahâr Province von Anthariel (v0.1 Alpha) Anthariel veröffentlichte seine Kandahâr Province Landschaft in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält eine 8x8Km große Provinz Kandahar Landschaft. Zitat What is Kandahâr Province? Kandâhar Province is a 8X8Km terrain based of the Province of Kandahâr (obviously) in southern of the Afghanistan. This terrain include some pretty cool locations like the very famous Arghanbad River. (which is currently in development ). This terrain is primarily developed for operations dedicated to PVP or TVT, but you do as you want, the AI works fine don't worry about that. • Size (m) : 8192.000 x 8192.000 • Terrain grid size (cells) : 1024 x 1024 • Terrain cell size (m) : 8.000 • Imagery size (px) : 8192 x 8192 • Imagery resolution (m/px): 1.0...
Karia Terrain von Aphex26 (v1.1) (veröffentlicht am 19.10.2016 - 19:30)
Karia Terrain von Aphex26 (v1.1) ***** Update ***** Aphex26 veröffentlichte seine Landschaft Karia Terrain in den Bi-Foren. Zitat My first terrain! A small terrain I made just to teach me the in's and out's of terrain building. Even if most of what I learned is that BI makes terrible tools. Stats - Size: 2048m x 2048m - Cell size: 1m - Object count: 44816 Changelog: v1.1 - Smoothed and lowered some micro-terrain to look more natural. - Added 3 small forest to strategic points around town. - Clutter improvements. - More ditches Download: Karia Terrain Quelle: Bi-Foren...
Karma Modules von I34dKarma (v1.4) (veröffentlicht am 14.01.2014 - 21:00)
Karma Modules von I34dKarma (v1.4) I34dKarma veröffentlichte sein I34dKarma Modul Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält eine Sammlung von Modulen, die noch im Aufbau sind. Momentan vorhanden: Road Block Script. Zitat This is an Arma 3 mod that contains my Road Block Site Script in module form. This is the first edition of the module and will continue to add things to the mod pack that I think could be useful as a module. Roadblock Module Set: - Open the Modules in the editor and you will find a section called Karma Modules. - Place the Roadblock Site Module down in the editor at desired location. - Give the site module a unique name. - Set the parameters in the site module for Units, Direction, Bargate Destruction and Site Type. - Set Up Auto Road Direction (This...
Kastellorizo von _SCAR (27.08.17) (veröffentlicht am 27.08.2017 - 11:45)
Kastellorizo von _SCAR (27.08.17) _SCAR veröffentlichte sein Kastellorizo Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon soll eine 11,98 km² große grieschische Insel im östlichen Mittelmeer darstellen. Zitat Kastellorizo (Καστελλοριζο) is a beautiful island in Greece of 11.98 km2. It is the easternmost Greek island and is situated in the Eastern Mediterranean. This is a self-contained mod which does not have any dependencies. Please note that the island is still in beta. Check inside the kastellorizo.pbo in the /functions directory for available functions such as: * Opening military bases' gates * Turning on internal / external military bases' lights We use this island in the internal missions we design with 2RGT (check us if you are looking for an Italian clan): http://www.secon...
KDKMerlin HC3 von KDK11 (v1.0) (veröffentlicht am 17.09.2013 - 23:11)
KDKMerlin HC3 von KDK11 (v1.0) KDK11 veröffentlichte sein KDKMerlin HC3 Addon in den Bi-Foren. Zitat As requested, My version of the Merlin HC3. If you want a custom version for your clan/squad whatever just let me know. If anyone has suggestions about this then please feel free to comment. Hope you enjoy guys. Download: KDKMerlin HC3 v1.0 ( 1 MB ) Quelle: Bi-Foren...
KDKSeaKing von KDK11 (v1.0) (veröffentlicht am 15.09.2013 - 17:16)
KDKSeaKing von KDK11 (v1.0) KDK11 veröffentlichte sein KDKSeaKing Addon in den Bi-Foren. Ein Reskin Addon des CH49-Mohawk. Das Addon soll ein Royal Navy Sea King Hubschrauber darstellen. Zitat Hello everyone this is my first ever Addon release. Although Arma 3 is set in the mid 2030's I decided to reskin the CH49-Mohawk to look like the Royal Navy's Sea King helicopter (shown below). Unfortunately I know nothing about modelling in arma therefor I could not create a helicopter to look exactly the same as the Sea King but I think it looks good on the CH49-Mohawk. I would like to thank the BI community for all the help with tutorials etc to help people like me be able to release these addons. And I would like to thank Sulpher for helping me to get the config just right fo...
Kel-Tec Rifle, Forward Ejection, Bullpup von Easy Redbeard (v1.2.0) (veröffentlicht am 03.11.2014 - 13:06)
Kel-Tec Rifle, Forward Ejection, Bullpup von Easy Redbeard (v1.2.0) ***** Update ***** Easy Redbeard veröffentlichte sein Kel-Tec Rifle, Forward Ejection, Bullpup Addon. Das Addon enthält Kel-Tec RFB 7,62 mm Kaliber Sturmgewehre. Dazu wurde die Config des ArmA 3 SDAR editiert. Zitat Kel-Tec's RFB, a config edit of the Arma 3 SDAR. The RFB is a 7.62mm caliber, bullpup battle rifle released by Kel-Tec (USA) in 2008 and has undergone numerous upgrades since then. Features: - A powerful round with a quick flight time. - Dexterity of the weapon improved to better represent the RL RFB's impressive handling and balance. - Uses slightly altered Rahim firing sound. - 20 round, 7.62mm Magazines. - Compatible with most Optics in-game - Hamr, MRCO, SOS, LRPS, ARCO tested. ...
Kelley's Island von ob-andy (20.08.15) (veröffentlicht am 20.08.2015 - 12:15)
Kelley's Island von ob-andy (20.08.15) ob-andy veröffentlichte sein Kelley's Island Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält eine 8192x8192 große Landschaft, die Lake Erie in den USA darstellen soll. Die Objekte wurden dem Projekt angepasst. Zitat I'm releasing the entirety of what I've created so far. This is/was my first map. I started playing Arma 3 for the sole purpose of roleplaying and I wasn't happy with the options I had. After being invited to the terrain community being a roleplayer wasn't met very well. I've been the last 4 months showing the community that I'm not a thief like 80% of the roleplaying communities. Lakeside map was ok but it was made for Arma2 and it was too big for roleplay immersion. Instead of making smaller maps RP servers were making big...
Kerama Islands von Team Les Vétérans : [V]Wollfen (v1.1) (veröffentlicht am 04.06.2016 - 23:00)
Kerama Islands von Team Les Vétérans : [V]Wollfen (v1.1) ***** Update ***** tyrghen veröffentlichte sein Kerama Islands Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält eine fiktionnale Inselgruppe bestehend aus 5 Inseln im Südwesten von Japan. Zitat Changelog: v1.1 - integrated 1.6 patch - modified satellite map - modified texture map - modification of lighting - creation of a new dam area - fixing bugs - partial correction of pop in, pop out of the pvp area - correction of the taxiway of the specops base - smoothing some sectors: wip - suppresion of duplicate objects Description: (From [V]Wollfen) The Kerama archipelago is a group of islands at the south-west of Japan, part of the Ryūkyū archipelago in the China Seas. It is composed of 5 inhabiteds islands, ...
Kestrel 4500 Pocket Weather Tracker von Ruthberg (v1.5) (veröffentlicht am 09.04.2015 - 19:00)
Kestrel 4500 Pocket Weather Tracker von Ruthberg (v1.4) ***** Update ***** Ruthberg veröffentlichte sein Kestrel 4500 Pocket Weather Tracker Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält ein Kestrel 4500 NV Pocket Weather Tracker mit Digitalkompass und Hintergrundlicht für Nachtsicht . Das Gerät zeigt u.a. Richtung des Windes, Seitenwind etc. an. Weitere Infos Zitat This addon adds a Kestrel 4500 to the game. Display Features * Direction * Wind Speed * Crosswind * Headwind * Temperature * Humidity * Barometric Pressure * Altitude * User screen 1 * User screen 2 Changelog: v1.5 - CBA Keybinds compatibility update Download: Kestrel 4500 Pocket Weather Tracker Benötigt: Community Base Addons A3 Advanced Ballistics...
KetsuCorp: General Equipment Addon Release (GEAR) - v1.10 (veröffentlicht am 29.05.2015 - 19:00)
KetsuCorp: General Equipment Addon Release (GEAR) - v1.10 ***** Update ***** KetsuCorp veröffentlichte seine General Equipment Addons (GEAR) in den Bi-Foren. Zitat Changelog: v1.10 - Capacity Adjustments - Restored Armor Parameters - Neopren parameter added to Scuba Kits - Diversified Suitpack for items dropped on floor - Added New Pro-Tec Helmets - Added MICH 2001 Helmets - Added Overall Helmet Variations incl. GoggleStraps - Optimized and reduced/removed erroneous data - Overall New Classnames (Check Documentation/Master_Classnames.txt) - Completed and Added support for GEARS_AOR KetsuCorp is proud to announce their completion of the first phase of GEAR or General Equipment Addon Release. A vast modification to provide a unit with the ability to cust...
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