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Montag, 19. November 2018
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News » ArmA3 Addons (News) » Ausrüstung 80 News
FoxFort Camo Pack von FoxFort (v1.46) (veröffentlicht am 28.05.2017 - 15:00)
FoxFort Camo Pack von FoxFort (v1.46) ***** Update ***** FoxFort veröffentlichte sein FoxFort Camo Pack Addon. Das Addon enthält verschiedene russische Uniformen (u.a. Gorka). Vor der Version v1.0 bekannt unter: Gorka Uniforms. Zitat New camouflages for soldier's equipment, primary for uniforms for all vanilla ArmA 3 sides. All uniforms all unlocked and can be worn by all sides. This addon contains the following camouflages with "FFCP" in prefix: A-Tacs, ACU, AOR2, Berezka, Blue, Black, CCE, CCE Urban, CADPAT, Dauget, Dauget Combo, Digital, EMR, Flora, Flecktarn, Green, Jigsaw, Izlom, Kamysh, Khaki, M81, MDU10, MDU93, Marpat W, Marpat Desert, Scorpion W2, Surpat, RS Woodland, Desert Digital, Tiger, TTSKO, Type 07, VSR, Urban Tiger, USD (US 3-color), Nomad, Squa...
BackpackOnChest Mod von DerZade (v1.2) (veröffentlicht am 31.03.2017 - 12:00)
BackpackOnChest Mod von DerZade (v1.2) ***** Update ***** DerZade veröffentlichte sein BackpackOnChest Mod Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon bietet die Möglichkeit, den Fallschirm an der Brust zu tragen. Zitat Features: - Adds the ability to put his backpack on the Chest. (This gives a huge advantage especially when parachuting) - Adds a backpack on Chest-Action to the ACE3 SelfInteraction-Menu - Forces the player to walk while having a backpack on the chest Changelog: v1.2 + Added @ Fixed ^ Improved + A new button in the arsenal screen, which allows you to swap and switch the backpack to chest and back without leaving the arsenal ^ Functions actionOnChest, actionOnBack and actionSwap are now fail proof for release on the wiki page @ Exploit that allowed you...
3CB BAF Equipment von 3 Commando Brigade (v2.1) (veröffentlicht am 16.03.2017 - 13:30)
3CB BAF Equipment von 3 Commando Brigade (v2.1) ***** Update ***** Lifetap veröffentlichte sein 3CB BAF Equipment Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält Royal Marines Commando der British Army Ausrüstungen. Zitat Changelog: v2.1 - Added 7 additional Guard berets - Added JTAC bergen for all camouflage patterns - Fixed missing faces on helmet strap models - Fixed logo incorrectly displaying in VA and Eden - Fixed white textures at distance on old MK2 Vests and MK6 Helmets when viewed at distance - Fixed fog rvmat issue - Fixed inventory capacity on Smock to match uniforms Description: The modern Royal Marines Commando or British Army soldier carries a lot of kit in addition to his weapon. This mod aims to recreate some of that equipment. In current MTP cam...
Military Gear Pack von adacas (v1.7.1) (veröffentlicht am 21.02.2017 - 23:15)
Military Gear Pack von adacas (v1.7.1) ***** Update ***** adacas veröffentlichte sein Military Gear Pack Addon in den Bi-Foren. Zitat This is a personal project of mine for Arma 3 community. I aim to bring additional assets for character customization in Arma 3. This mod will cover new uniforms, vests, headgear and other related stuff. I will be making completely new models and also port some of them from Arma 2 or other artists work if I get their permission. Do not ask me to model a specific item or do other camo variations! If I'm unsure on what to do next I will ask. Also don't ask for ETA as I'm unsure myself when things will be done and I don't want to promise people. Changelog: v1.7.1 - Added Multicam OpsCore variants - Added Multicam AirFrame varia...
Military Gear Pack AOR Extension von adacas (v1.7.1) (veröffentlicht am 21.02.2017 - 13:37)
Military Gear Pack AOR Extension von adacas (v1.7.1) adacas veröffentlichte sein Military Gear Pack AOR Extension Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält neue AOR Camo Uniformen, Westen, Kopfbedeckungen etc. für den Military Gear Pack Mod. Zitat Extended version of the original Military Gear Pack mod that mainly features AOR camo patterns. [ Download: Military Gear Pack AOR Extension Benötigt: Military Gear Pack Quelle: Bi-Foren...
TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms von teriyaki & zabb (v0.96 fix2) (veröffentlicht am 15.02.2017 - 19:00)
TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms von teriyaki & zabb (v0.96 fix2) ***** Update ***** teriyaki veröffentlichte sein TRYK's Uniforms Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält rextexturietes ArmA2 Modell Uniform und Ausrüstungs-Pack. Zitat this addon Retexture and Arma2 model Uniform and Gear pack. I make a uniform to match the various island or situation by a multi-play. Many uniforms. based for U.S. Army. Changelog: v0.96 fix2 - fixed: NVG- pilot view Delete old version folder of this MOD. Download: TRYK's Uniforms Quelle: Bi-Foren...
AFTP Units - Uniforms & Equipment von golas (v1.4) (veröffentlicht am 09.01.2017 - 14:00)
AFTP Units - Uniforms & Equipment von golas (v1.4) ***** Update ***** golas veröffentlichte sein AFTP Units - Uniforms & Equipment Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält verschiedenen Polnische Soldaten und Uniformen mit Ausrüstung Zitat The Arma Fans Team Poland have pleasure to share our uniforms and equipment that we use. It's simple collection of own made and prepared uniforms, headgear, vests and backpacks that we're using in our COOP missions. We play on variety of maps and in wide range of climatic regions. Conclusion is simple - we needed uniforms that could be used in all of it, from hot desert to snowy mountains. Our goal is to deliver fully configured and ALIVE valid formations to deploy on field of battle. Starting from single soldiers we would...
DEGA Parachutes von deltagamer (v1.1.0.0) (veröffentlicht am 06.01.2017 - 21:00)
DEGA Parachutes von deltagamer (v1.1.0.0) ***** Update ***** deltagamer veröffentlichte sein DEGA Parachutes Addon in den Bi-Foren. Zitat Small update to how things work with the parachute mod. V1.1.0.0 - Reworked system again -Enable/Disable via Eden Editor Attributes -Modders can now add compatibility to their mods -Removed Jump master If anyone's able to test this out on large scale mp that would be great. Videos and bug reports would help me out a lot. No vehicle is currently supported but by following the how-to readme it should help you use this mod on your favourite aircraft. All work is going to be continued with cup so don't expect any major updates anytime soon. Parachutes updated on github, this is a replacement of the Static Line mod. The ...
TAC Vests von zabb (v1.2.5) (veröffentlicht am 09.12.2016 - 19:00)
TAC Vests von zabb (v1.2.5) ***** Update ***** zabb veröffentlichte sein TAC Vests Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält TAC Vests (u.a. Westen), die auch im Addon TRYK's Uniforms enthalten sind. Zitat This is part of the TAC VEST and some equips. (That is included in the TRYK's Uniforms.) Because TRYK can not update due to circumstances. When the problem is resolved it will be re-released from TRYK. Vests - TAC V1 - TAC V10 - TAC SVD - RRV plate carrier - H suspender - First on - PMC vest Glass - beard - ID card - shoulder armor - SF10 gasmask Backpack - buttpack - Leg holster - 40mm grenade carrier - shoulder bag Changelog: v1.2.5 - fixed: all error message v1.2.4 - added:POLIZEI and CT VEST (from ENFORCER MOD) ...
Kommando Spezialkrafte (KSK) von Road Runner (v1.2) (veröffentlicht am 29.10.2016 - 20:10)
Kommando Spezialkrafte (KSK) von Road Runner (v1.2) ***** Update ***** Road Runner veröffentlichte sein Kommando Spezialkrafte (KSK) Addon in den Bi-Foren. Zitat Kommando Spezialkrafte(KSK) Welcome to my latest addon, this is a very comprehensive addon, it features complete units, and groups, found in the editor as well as the different camouflage uniforms today's German Bundeswehr are wearing and trialing. This addon incorporates several smaller ones, there's 2 x 6094 pbo's, one a dedicated one made specifically for this addon, and the other is a watered down version of my previously released 6094 addon, with German Flag/patches. This is a considerably larger addon this time, as it has several other addons incorporated in it. What this addon contains is the follo...
R_Unfold - Unfoldable Map von Rall3n (v1.4.1) (veröffentlicht am 08.10.2016 - 23:20)
R_Unfold - Unfoldable Map von Rall3n (v1.4.1) ***** Update ***** Rall3n veröffentlichte sein R_Unfold - Unfoldable Map Addon in den Bi-Foren. Zitat This mod adds something new to the trusty old map! It allows the player to place an "unfolded" map in the world, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a map, even if someone doesn´t have one in his inventory! Features: - Place an "unfolded" map in the world using the ACE_Self_Interact_Menu! - Open the map screen using "this" map! Planned: - Little bit of Localization! - Place map on objects (e.g. front of HMMWV, desk)! - See the map markers of the player who placed the map! - Ability to copy these markers into your own map! - If a map marker is created while in the map, create it for...
VSM - Accessory von vanschmoozin (08.10.16) (veröffentlicht am 08.10.2016 - 11:00)
VSM - Accessory von vanschmoozin (08.10.16) ***** Update ***** vanschmoozin veröffentlichte sein VSM - Accessory Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält verschieden Kopfbedeckungen, Masken etc. Zitat Hey guys! This is my pack of misc mask/headgear. It includes My original Balaclavas, in olive, tan and black. All colors with plain, and skull variants. The Facemasks that Adacas designed for me, with my textures in olive/black/tan, and the same colors with the ghost recon inspired pattern. Zeealex's killer bowman/cap combo with my textures and some minor resizing to work with the Balaclava version. Includes black/olive/tan variants, with and without the balaclava. My shemaghs imported from A2 with many versions. With headset and glasses, with just glasses, with glasses ...
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Aktuelle News, Mods, Addons und Missionen für ArmA3
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