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Montag, 15. Oktober 2018
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9Liners & Notepad von Chief Wiggum (v0.3.1) [Verschiedenes]
19.04.2015 von miller

9Liners & Notepad

Chief Wiggum


Benötigte Addons:
Community Base Addons A3

Weitere Infos:


9Liners & Notepad is a client-side mod, that allows you to open a couple of documents, like a notepad or CAS-9Liner directly ingame.
You can simply open these documets by pressing the assigned shortcut and you'll be able to write on them,save them or clear them.
Once you save a page, it will be binded to your profile, which means, that even if you leave the mission and join a different one, your note will still be on the page where you wrote it down.

9Liners & Notepad brings the following documents to your game:
-a CAS 9Liner sheet
-a Medivac 9Liner sheet
- a Notepad
- a Gunship Call-For-Fire 5Liner sheet:
- a CAS Check-In Breefing sheet:
- an Adjust-Fire-Mission sheet:
- a Fire-For-Effect-Mission sheet
- a Marking-Mission sheet
- a Target-Location-Methods Help sheet (no interaction)

The Notepad:
The notepad contains 50 blank pages. Each of them can be filled with text.Note: having 2notepads in your inventory doesn't has any effect on the number of pages.
As soon as you press "SAVE PAGE" the current page gets saved to your profile. This means, that if you leave the current mission, the text will be still on that page in the next one.
The notepad allways opens at the page, where you've closed it.
Always press "SAVE" before closing the notepad or turn to an other page.Otherwise, the page will be blank, the next time you open it.
In order to clear the current page, simply press "CLEAR PAGE". If you want to clear all pages at once, press "CLEAR ALL".
Note: There isn't any kind of "Do you really want to..." selection if you press "CLEAR PAGE/ALL". So think before you press it!

The CAS 9Liner:
The CAS 9liner actually works the same as the notepad. But it only contains 20 pages.
If you save a page, it will also be still there in the next missions until you clear it, just like the notepad.

The Medivac 9Liner:
Exactly the same as the CAS one.
Only difference: You can click the letters like A/B/C... and they will get checked with a little cross. (take a look at the image above)

How does it work?

Useage as player:
First off, you have to press ESC and navigate to: Options\Controls\Configure Addons\9Liners&Notepad
Here you have to assign a hotkey for each document. Also make sure to assign the 'Disable Controls' hotkey. You'll need it later.

Once you've assigned your hotkeys, you're able to open the documents by pressing the hotkeys.
Each document works the following way:

Pressing the left arrow opens the previous page
Pressing the right arrow opens the next page
Pressing 'SAVE' saves the current page.
Pressing 'CLEAR PAGE' clears the current page
Pressing 'CLEAR ALL' clears all pages

Note: There isn't any kind of "Do you really want to..." selection if you press "CLEAR PAGE/ALL". So think before you press it!
Do a single click next to the document will enable controls
You'll be able to control you character/vehicle, use TFAR and everything else while the document is shown.
In order to release the controls of your character/vehicle and edit the document, simply press your 'Disable Controls' Hotkey that you've assigned earlier.
Do a double click next to the document will close it.
You can also close it by pressing ESC.
Each document will open at the page, where you've closed it.

Useage as mission-builder:
This mod uses the 'profileNamespace' command to save the pages text.
Each page has its own variable in the profileNamespace.

If you want so set each users text on page 1 of their notepads to "I MADE THIS MISSION!", simply add this to your init.sqf:

profileNamespace setVariable ["cw_noteblock_pageText_1", "I MADE THIS MISSION!"];

If you want only one user to have this text on page1, you have to run this code in a local script.
You can also use an other page for this! (Notepad contains 50 pages)




- fixed: CBA Keybinding

- added: Target-Location-Methods-Help sheet
- added: Fire-For-Effect sheet
- added: Adjust-Fire-Mission sheet
- added: Marking-Mission sheet
- changed: Removed all items. So it's a client side mod now!
- changed: some textbox stuff
- changed: Medivac 9Liner doesn't saves after clearing page anymore
- changed: New ReadMe in the forum post!

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a3Chief Wiggum


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