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Freitag, 21. Oktober 2016
ArmA3 Addons (News) » Karia Terrain von Aphex26 (v1.1)
ArmA3 Addons (News)

Karia Terrain von Aphex26 (v1.1)
19.10.2016 - 19:30 von miller

Karia Terrain von Aphex26 (v1.1)

***** Update *****

Aphex26 veröffentlichte seine Landschaft Karia Terrain in den Bi-Foren.


My first terrain!
A small terrain I made just to teach me the in's and out's of terrain building. Even if most of what I learned is that BI makes terrible tools.

- Size: 2048m x 2048m
- Cell size: 1m
- Object count: 44816

- Smoothed and lowered some micro-terrain to look more natural.
- Added 3 small forest to strategic points around town.
- Clutter improvements.
- More ditches

Karia Terrain

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ArmA3 Module » ACEX vom ACE Team (v3.1.1)
ArmA3 Module

ACEX vom ACE Team (v3.1.1)
19.10.2016 - 19:15 von miller

ACEX vom ACE Team (v3.1.1)

***** Update *****

acemod veröffentlichte sein ACEX Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält Erweiterungs-Pack für den ACE-Mod.


ACEX is an extra package to compliment the ACE3 modification for Arma 3. It contains additional components on top of the ACE3 modification that provide extra functionality and is entirely optional.

The mod is built modularly, so almost any included PBO can be easily removed from the configuration. This way, a team can maintain its own tailored version of ACEX by simply excluding any components they don't need, or those possibly in conflict with other mods. Modules themselves, e.g. the medical system, also include various customization options, allowing mission designers to tweak the overall experience.

Core Features:
- Headless Client loadbalancing
- Sitting
- View Distance Settings

ACEX has been updated to V3.1.1
This is an hotfix to address the "ACE Sitting is outdated" error message since the ACEX update from yesterday.
Requires ACE Version 3.8.0 or later.

- Fix "File ace_sitting.pbo is outdated" (#39)

- Add kill/death tracker to acex (#31)
- Add beautified component names (#30)
- German string for viewrestrictions (#26)
- End mission on all players leaving when Headless Clients are present (#25)

- Fix 2 more ace/cba log macros (#37)
- Fix erroneous firendly fire msg if side is weird (#35)
- Fix gunner and group view being disallowed when using View Restriction (#28)

- Update to new CBA logging macros (#32)
- Polish translation (#23)

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ArmA3 Addons (News) » USS Nimitz von TeTeT (v0.96 Final)
ArmA3 Addons (News)

USS Nimitz von TeTeT (v0.96 Final)
19.10.2016 - 11:20 von miller

USS Nimitz von TeTeT (v0.96 Final)

***** Update *****

TeTeT veröffentlichte sein USS Nimitz Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält eine Konvertierung der JDog Nimitz aus ArmA2.
Danke an TeTeT für die Info


Here comes the Nimitz for Arma 3 0.96 release. This is a bug fix release. Thanks to a user report by PM we got aware of a memory leak. After some debugging this was tracked down to the attachTo function of manned air defense units. In this release the air defenses are merely using setPos to be placed on the carrier. Another problem was the use of the CUP namespace in the Nimitz. Initially intended to give full credit to the original script author, this backfired as I left it in the CUP namespace.

Some improvements were also done. Based on user request the aa defense turret speed is now a magnitude greater. The wires model was partially redone so there should be less visual problems when deploying them. There is a new mempoint called 'cameraMast' for future PiP mode on the bridge. Some textures on the bridge were inverted, so they render properly now and not upside down. Note that some are still displayed sideways. Lastly there is a new option to disable the cat launch post processing effects.

The changelog since the last release is rather short, the full changelog is available at

2016-10-17 model, scripts
- option to disable cat launch post processing effects
- change geo, road and physx lod in carrier_1, carrier_14
- change air defense mem points in nimspots
- add setVectorUp to air defense

2016-10-16 bridge, scripts, air defenses, model
- inverted some textures
- add setPos to air defenses
- add setVelocity to air defense
- change geo lod in carrier_1
- create heavy baseplate on each air defense model
- change air defense mem points in nimspots

2016-10-11 model
- add mem point cameraMast for videos

2016-10-08 scripts, air defense
- do not use attachTo for air defenses, causes a memory leak
- removed CUP functions due to name conflict
- increased speed of aa defense turrets
- fix wires

USS Nimitz

Download Nimitz Missions:

Download Nimitz Dokumentation:

Community Base Addons A3

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ArmA3 Module » Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) vom ACE Team (v3.8.0)
ArmA3 Module

Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) vom ACE Team (v3.8.0)
18.10.2016 - 23:00 von miller

Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) vom ACE Team (v3.8.0)

***** Update *****

ACEMod veröffentlichte sein Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) in den Bi-Foren. Diese Modifikation ist ein Zusammenschluss der ehemaligen AGM und CSE-Teams in Zusammenarbeit mit einigen Entwicklern des ACE2-Projekts aus ArmA2.


ACE Version 3.8.0 has been released
Requires CBA Version 3.1.1 or later.

- Add 3den attribute to disable bft (#4452)
- Add Draw Straight Lines with maptool (#4410)
- Add Functions to perform arithmetic operations on sets (#4514)
- Add Laser guidance for all designators (#3308)
- Add Show damage on repair items interaction point (#4448)
- Add ace2 sys blood port (#4377)
- Add ammo box cookoff (#4380)
- Add ammo cookoff (#4376)
- Add auto add blown off turrets to curator (#4425)
- Add dmg materials to spare tracks and wheel (#4450)
- Add function to disable dogtags for factions, and disable for civilians (#4539)
- Add object attribute to disable cookoff for individual vehicles (#4383)
- Add optional pbo to disable cross hair (#4168)
- Change Captives - rewrite findEmptyNonFFVCargoSeat (#4348)
- Change Disable FCS on RHS helicopters (#4509)
- Change End path drawing when passing through Geom/Fire (#4385)
- Change Replace ace_common_fnc_stringRemoveWhiteSpace with CBA_fnc_removeWhitespace (#4222)
- Change Update for newest JR / 1.64 UBC (#4208)
- Change convert log macros to cba versions (#4282)
- Change delete "Teleport Players" module after use (#4368)
- Change increase red laser alpha, close #4535 (#4541)
- Change more immersive dogtag interaction (#4446)
- Improve Use waitAndExecute for fatigue loop (#4453)
- Fix Ambient Sounds (#4470)
- Fix FRIES attach point for unarmed wildcat (#4518)
- Fix Medical AI: Filter player medics (#4444)
- Fix PCTW error on certain vehicles (#4463)
- Fix frag - reflectionsEnabled (#4475)
- Fix fuel nozzle disconnect at maximum hose distance (#4525)
- Fix going unconscious while fastroping (#4531)
- Fix handle RHS impact grenades (RGN/RGO) (#4447)
- Fix interaction addActionToX return values (#4461)
- Fix show correct elev for mortar with no ammo (#4478)
- Fix weather for inherited CfgWorlds (#4360)
- Fix broken ace menu in main menu (#4451)
- Fix broken parachutes (#4462)
- Fix damage materials of repair items (#4466)
- Fix fatigue when diving while sprinting (#4516)
- Fix formating of CBA version check (#4511)
- Fix nocrosshair being in addons and optionals (#4434)
- Remove civilian rank icons from nametags (#4538)
- Remove deprecated code for 3.8.0 (#4457)
- Remove deprecated event handlers (#4459)
- Remove deprecated sitting module (#4458)
- Remove visible id from the dog tag item (#4480)
- Removed aiDispersionCoef for vanilla weapons (#4484)
- Add Medical AI documentation (#4407)
- Add Advanced Fatigue documentation (#4401)
- Escape jekyll code in documentation guidelines page (#4397)
- Add version note to yellow Advanced Throwing circle documentation (#4455)
- Fix dependencies list prefix that shouldn't exist (#4409)
- Add hint to grenades pages for advanced throwing (#4442)
- Fix grenade docs base url (#4445)
- Remove Laser-SelfDesignate wiki page (#4524)

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ArmA3 Addons (News) » Community Base Addons A3 vom CBA Team (v3.1.1.161012)
ArmA3 Addons (News)

Community Base Addons A3 vom CBA Team (v3.1.1.161012)
18.10.2016 - 21:00 von miller

Community Base Addons A3 vom CBA Team (v3.1.1.161012)

***** Update *****

ViperMaul veröffentlichte eine neue Community Base Addons A3 Version in den Bi-Foren. Zielsetzung des Projekts ist die Kompatibilität zwischen den Community Addons.


CBA v3.1.1 Released
This release adds Join Rails compatibility to pistols and bipods from the Tanoa expansion and tweaks various small issues with the AI and settings functionality. It also removes old, long deprecated and/or non functional code mainly stemming from the days of Arma 2. We also fixed the "callsign" composition attribute from the Eden-Editor by inserting our own custom MP compatible function.

- ADDED: Format versions of ERROR_WITH_TITLE() macro (#516) jonpas
- ADDED: ERROR_MSG() macro to display on-screen message and log (#517, #525) commy2
- ADDED: Some state machine enhancements (#522) BaerMitUmlaut
- IMPROVED: Formating of log macros (removed "File:" and "Line:") (#514) commy2
- IMPROVED: Internally use format log macros where possible (#518) commy2
- IMPROVED: Check for removed cba_linux.pbo (#520) commy2
- IMPROVED: Removed a semicolon to indicate a return value (#524) commy2
- FIXED: A typo in a function header (#523) commy2

Change log for CBA v3.11

Some CBA keybinds might not appear in the controls menu. The easiest currently known workaround is to create a new user profile.

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ArmA3 Addons (News) » Specialist Military Arms (SMA) von blazenchamber (v2.7.1)
ArmA3 Addons (News)

Specialist Military Arms (SMA) von blazenchamber (v2.7.1)
18.10.2016 - 12:05 von miller

Specialist Military Arms (SMA) von blazenchamber (v2.7.1)

***** Update *****

blazenchamber veröffentlichte sein Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält New-Age Waffen aus der ganzen Welt mit Fokus auf Qualität, Authentizität und Liebe zum Detail.


SMA Updated to 2.7.1
Hey all
We have updated the latest SMA with some small fixes. For the full change log go to
This update has adjusted the Elcan zeroing default to 100m. Also for some people who Prefer their 4x Elcan optics to work more in line with BI's 4x we now have an Optional Pbo for the Specter to allow the choice to either run both versions of the Elcan or just the one you prefer.

The choice is yours but there are trade offs to having the 3d 4x zoom on the Elcan so try it and make your own mind up on which you prefer. We don't really need a massive debate here on the forum about it this is why i gave people the options. Also optics have much less glare. We also fixed the weapon accuracy.

- Fixed config patches error corrected class names
- Fixed default zero on Elcan optics now 100m
- Added ELCAN_ALTZOOM_C pbo in optional folder gives people choice on how they prefer optic to work (can use both at same time)
- Adjusted Glare from some optics for clearer view
- Fixed missing grip pod compatibility on some of the custom HK416 (VFG) variants
- Fixed missing Recoils pbo now sets correct Recoils
- Added Gemtech one suppressor now compatible with 556 weapons
- Fixed Dispersion values on weapons to correct inaccuracies
- Fixed SKS ammo not working
- Fixed optional Vanilla ammo pbo missing class name and now correct folder
- Fixed cba_jr errors (thanks for the heads up Robalo)

SMA (Specialist Military Arms)
is an ongoing project\Addon for ARMA 3 to create and replicate some unique and rare new age weapons from all over the world. We are interested in High quality authenticity and attention to detail. I started this project Late 2013 and set out to make all the weapons and attachments i wanted to use in ARMA 3. We now have V1 and i am eager to get V2 and V3 done asap. So I hope people enjoy these as much as i do.
keep an eye out on the SMA home page


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ArmA3 Addons (News) » Governer´s Island, New York von lumnuon (v2.2)
ArmA3 Addons (News)

Governer´s Island, New York von lumnuon (v2.2)
18.10.2016 - 12:00 von miller

Governer´s Island, New York von lumnuon (v2.2)

***** Update *****

lumnuon veröffentlichte seine Governer´s Island, New York Landschaft in den Bi-Foren.


- More lights in Brooklyn and Manhatten
- More detail in Brooklyn and Manhatten
- Expanded Brooklyn
- Added flooded highway to Brooklyn
- Complete wall around Brooklyn
- Harbor posts near Manhatten International Terminal

- Adjusted the height of the roof over the main pier of Liberty Island
- Improved the satellite image
- Changed the name of the terrain from "Governors Island, New York" to "New York City, USA"

- Metal bolards on Liberty Island that are sunk into the ground
- Small dirt path on Liberty Island

Real location
This map is a recreation of Governer´s Island, which is located right under New York´s financial district.
Governer´s Island served several different purposes and was opened to the public in 2003. Roughly ten yours later Governer´s Island was to receive a massive overhaul which is reflected in this Island as it was happening.

The terrain is 16km^2 big and keeps the original scale of the real world terrain.
Mask/Sat: 8192x8192px
Height: 4096x4096px (1px/m)

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ArmA3 Addons (News) » Spec 4 Vests von Cunico (v4.6 GPNVG_Fix)
ArmA3 Addons (News)

Spec 4 Vests von Cunico (v4.6 GPNVG_Fix)
17.10.2016 - 19:20 von miller

Spec 4 Vests von Cunico (v4.6 GPNVG_Fix)

***** Update *****

Cunico veröffentlichte sein Spec 4 Vests Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält verschiedene Objekte (Bärte, Funkgeräte, Rücksäcke etc.), die sich noch in der Entwicklung befinden.


Alright, long awaited update has come. In this pack you will find the new LBT vest with two texture variants. These textures will best work with RHS USMC uniforms, but I do believe they work okay with everything else.

This pack contains:
- MC Tropical
- MC Arid
- M81
- Multicam
- Black
- Tan
- Ranger
- Black Shoes
- Tan Shoes

v4.6 GPNVG_Fix
Here is the download link to the GPNVGs
Just put that in the same pack and it should work fine. I updated the positioning and size to fit the new helmet. I also adjusted the shine/plastic of the nods.
I understand some of you still want to see some more stuff, but the next update will have some new gear that you all have been wanting to see. This will also come with fixes. As always thanks for the kind words and I hope you guys enjoy.

1. ADDED* Battlebelts
2. ADDED* CPC (Cage plate carriers) vests
3. ADDED* 3 Camo variants
4. ADDED* Opscore Maritime high cut
5. ADDED* 2 Camo variants (Green, Default Opscore color)
6. ADDED* SPec4 Logo to gear
7. ADDED* New PMAGS to CPC, will apply to LBT's next update
7. FIXED* spelling issues
8. FIXED* "Crye Gen 3 - Ranger" - to - "Crye Gen 3 (Ranger Green)"
9. FIXED* ACE compatibility issue while healing lower legs
10. FIXED* Femur positioning for other mods
11. FIXED* Shadow LODS

Spec 4 Vests

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ArmA3 Addons (News) » Kommando Spezialkrafte (KSK) von Road Runner (v1.1)
ArmA3 Addons (News)

Kommando Spezialkrafte (KSK) von Road Runner (v1.1)
17.10.2016 - 12:10 von miller

Kommando Spezialkrafte (KSK) von Road Runner (v1.1)

***** Update *****

Road Runner veröffentlichte sein Kommando Spezialkrafte (KSK) Addon in den Bi-Foren.


Kommando Spezialkrafte(KSK)
Welcome to my latest addon, this is a very comprehensive addon, it features complete units, and groups, found in the editor as well as the different camouflage uniforms today's German Bundeswehr are wearing and trialing.

This addon incorporates several smaller ones, there's 2 x 6094 pbo's, one a dedicated one made specifically for this addon, and the other is a watered down version of my previously released 6094 addon, with German Flag/patches. This is a considerably larger addon this time, as it has several other addons incorporated in it.

What this addon contains is the following.
- Crye uniforms in long/rolled/t-shirt versions in the following
- Flecktarn
- Multitarn
- Tropentarn
- Multicam
- Ops core ballistic helmets with the same camo covers as above with the ability to also use a WORKING chemlight, perfect for low light level friend or foe Identification, or select a plain tan version.
- Boonie hats, with and without comms in the same camo's as above.
- Face Masks and Balaklava's kindly donated by the VSM team/Adacas
- Crye JPC's in Coyote, OD, and Multicam
- LBT 6094's in various configurations in the following camo's (with at least 8-10 different configurations, chest mounted and belt mounted Serpa holster for Team Leaders included)
- Coyote Brown (Plain)
- Mulicam
- Flecktarn

With the 3 vest packs, you get a whopping 72 vests to chose from !!!

- Ardvarkdb's awesome mechanix gloves (Thanks mate)
- Updated all uniforms where the German flag isn't so distorted
- Added several KSK Patches, found in the Insignia section of the editor.

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ArmA3 Addons (News) » EricJ Helo Skins von EricJ (RC7)
ArmA3 Addons (News)

EricJ Helo Skins von EricJ (RC7)
17.10.2016 - 09:02 von miller

EricJ Helo Skins von EricJ (RC7)

***** Update *****

EricJ veröffentlichte sein EricJ Helo Skins Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält verschiedene Hubschrauber Skins.


EricJ Helo Skins

- B_Heli_Transport_03_USMC (CH-67 Sea Warrior [USMC]: A fictional representation of a US Marine colored CH-67
- B_Heli_Transport_03_USARMY: {CH-67 Huron [US Army]}

- Countermeasures Modes:
A- single pair release
B- 8 flares in 0.5 seconds
C- 8 flares in 1 s
D- 8 flares in 2 s
E- 8 flares in 4 s
F- 16 flares in 1 s
G- 16 flares in 2 s
H- 16 flares in 4 s
I- 16 flares in 8 s

- Tweaked the USMC textures, now they won't be so "washed out" as before.

EricJ Helo Skins

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ArmA3 Addons (News) » COMMAND & CONTROL (C2) von Mad_Cheese (v1.4.8)
ArmA3 Addons (News)

COMMAND & CONTROL (C2) von Mad_Cheese (v1.4.8)
16.10.2016 - 20:00 von miller

COMMAND & CONTROL (C2) von Mad_Cheese (v1.4.8)

***** Update *****

Mad_Cheese veröffentlichte sein C2 -Command And Control (form. ASM) Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon soll die Kontrolle über die Ki-Gruppenmitglieder optimieren.


- ADDED: 360 Security || Circle formation added to HUD-MODE. Calculates min. radius for you. You can still increase spacing/radius (ctrl+mWheel) but not go under minimum.
Units can face in- and outwards of the circle. (change with mWheel)
Feature to be included into PLANNING MODE as well.[/b]
- ADDED: Unit Selectors added to radial menu. Move your Mouse left of the radial menu to open the hidden display, then close/reopen with the small button next to it
  • Uses new button-type, background displays teamcolor. (will also be implemented into planning-tablet)
  • regular lClick selects indiv. unit
  • SHIFT+lClick selects all units from last to current selected (works in between different unit-pages)
  • Ctrl+lCLick adds/deselects unit
  • rClick opens teamColor selector (to close, select team or rClick anywhere)
  • >> assign teamColors in seconds!
- ADDED: ReArm function split up and overhauled. Player can now decide where to reArm from (lClick on icon).
  • rClick on ReArm Icon will make AI look for best gearSource themselves.
- ADDED: Reload-Animation added to adding/removing silencers
- FIXED: Hundreds of codelines saved by creating broader functions. Better readability for both humans and the engine.
- FIXED: Code Structure is now organized, most functions are now commented.
- FIXED: Piles of Varnames renamed/tagged for better readability

COMMAND AND CONTROL (C2) is an addon that will optimize your control over AI-squadmembers. Complex tactical orders can be issued in a matter of seconds.

- Fully MP compatible
- HUD MODE: Visible indicators tell you exactly where your units will move with full flexibility and 5 formation options
- PLANNING MODE: A self explanatory tablet interface lets you plan complex routes with MANY options
- Dedicated helicopter page
- Fully autonomous manouvers once executed
- In-Game Menu with many overdue functions (ROE, AutoStance, AutoWatch, FixFormation etc)
- Effective Supression
- GetTactical Grenade System
- Huge AI functionality bundled into accessible macros
- CBA keybindings

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ArmA3 Addons (News) » Arma: Enhanced Movement von Bad Benson (v0.9 Beta)
ArmA3 Addons (News)

Arma: Enhanced Movement von Bad Benson (v0.9 Beta)
16.10.2016 - 19:00 von miller

Arma: Enhanced Movement von Bad Benson (v0.9 Beta)

***** Update *****

Bad Benson veröffentlichte sein Arma: Enhanced Movement Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält neue Bewegunges-Animationen.


v0.9 beta
- ESC key issue "should" be fixed, accidently left some experiemtal stuff in the key handler
- fixed: the laser script error
- added: automatic Exile support, compatibility pbo obsolete
- added: experimental laser line (can't remember if this is new or not). it's in a pretty generic position since there is no way (that i know of) to get the IR laser position...totally optional
- removed: landing animations...until i made something more pretty and smooth
- tweaked: offsets in detection code (meaningful feedback appreciated, go test in places and give me coords of those places if they don't work)
- fixed: laser pointer script error when vegetation is right in your face
- fixed: wrong lod was used for door interaction. now you will be able to open any door, glass or fence, with ease just by looking at the actual door geometry

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